The 1BHK interior design features aspects of creation where minimal space is utilised in every practicable technique. Home is a reflection of one’s identity in this chaotic world. Designers with vision effortlessly create compact spaces, resulting in a spacious and grand gesture. 1 BHK interior design comprehends with various colours, textures, adaptable storage spaces, and movable furniture. Designing any space is a challenge for the designer to reveal the aspects of the clients and also hide a few elements, creating a mystery in their design. Interior design for a 1 BHK or 4 BHK house doesn’t truly matter in creating an artistic aesthetic. Let’s delve into this article to unfold various ways for an interior designer to create an outstanding 1 BHK Interior Design that speaks for itself.

15 Tips For 1 BHK Interior Designing

1. Design The Movement

1 bhk interior design
Project By: SML Architects

When it comes to minimal space, try to utilise each area without blocking circulation and movement. The movement in the house consists of children playing, reading, or studying, and thus each activity is suitable for different spaces or combined as a multipurpose space for more pleasing circulation in the house. The space should be clutter-free and minimalistic in the flow of design.

2. Create A Bold Statement

Project By: Prashant Parmar Architect & Shayona Consultant

The bold colours or texture stand out, making it eye-pleasing. The play of light and shadow on it creates dramatic effects for the users. Designing with bright or dark colours influences space and aliveness. The texture walls are another way that, at times, is customisable as per the requirements guiding the spirited view of the house.

3. Minimalistic Approach

1 bhk interior design
Project By: BeSpace Studio

Try not to clutter the space with a lot of unnecessary pieces of furniture. The less is more when it comes to 1BHK interior designing. The minimalistic approach drives the functionality of the home with careful consideration of furniture and upholstery. Simplicity is hard to achieve, but interior designers create an artful fusion of simplistic and minimalistic expressions.

4. Multipurpose Storage

Project By: Aum Architects

Placement of furniture plays an important role in design, and when it comes to minimal space, the approach to design is modifiable in terms of the arrangement and purpose of the furniture. A dining table can be used as a work desk, or a sofa bed can be used for bedrooms. Infusing furniture that serves a dual purpose—functional and storage—sets an example for 1 BHK house interior design.

5. Use of Neutral Colours

1 bhk interior design
Project By: BG Design Office

Neutral colours make the space seem bigger in spatial and visual aspects. With subtle colours of whites, greys, or neutral shades, spaces are enhanced, and bold colours can be used on accent walls. The combination of neutral and bold colours adds an aesthetic and artistic touch to the house. Choose colours wisely that represent both elegance and playfulness. Introduce touches of vibrancy with bold colours and textures, infusing the space with depth and character.

6. Convertable Furniture

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Convertable furniture makes space clutter-free and spacious, which includes sofa beds, Murphy beds, and foldable dining tables. The sofa-cum-bed is adaptable and rolled as per requirement, while Murphy beds use walls for storage. Foldable dining tables are practical and can be easily pulled out for meals and stored when not in use. By judiciously selecting each element, from furniture to decor, you can craft a harmonious composition that exudes sophistication and allure.

7. Use Various Types of Seat

1 bhk interior design
Project By: Studio habitect

The use of a compact and quirky ottoman table creates plenty of space, and it is artistic in spatial planning. One can also use nesting stools, which can be held away when not in use. One of the best examples of seating is the folding chairs, which require less space and can be easily accommodated in a 1 BHK house.

8. Open layouts

Project By: Walls n Voids Atelier

The open layout seamlessly combines the living area, kitchen, and dining area, making it an ideal arrangement for a 1 BHK house. In terms of privacy and security, one can add dividers or a bookshelf to the backdrop, which can function as a display shelf. Within the minimalist framework, there’s ample room for expression through carefully curated decor accents and soft furnishings.

9. Wall niches used as a storage space

1 bhk interior design
Project By: Vardhaan Architecture Studio

Consider the adoption of a wall niche for storage where you have a floor-to-ceiling niche, and it can be used as a bookshelf or extended storage space. Transform your headboard into a storage unit or a stylish display space, enhancing your bedroom’s aesthetics and functionality. This innovative approach maximises space and adds a unique touch to your bedroom decor, blending practicality with visual appeal.

10. Smart organization

Project By: Aum Architects

Employ smart organization techniques by integrating specialized smart organizers and storage solutions inside cabinets and drawers. These systems ensure that items are neatly arranged and readily accessible, enhancing efficiency and reducing clutter in your living space.

11. Vertical gardening

1 bhk interior design
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Opt for vertical gardening as a space-efficient solution to infuse your balcony or terrace with lush greenery. By utilizing vertical space, you can enjoy the beauty of plants without compromising valuable floor space, creating a vibrant and inviting outdoor oasis.

12. Optical illusions

Project By: Studio Timescape

Employ optical illusions to overcome low-ceiling rooms. Use stripes or vertical patterns to extend the room’s height, create continuity and vertical movement, and emphasize vertical lines. Use floor-to-ceiling drapes or tall furniture to create a visually expansive and harmonious environment. This approach effectively mitigates the limitations of low ceilings.

13. Use of rugs

1 bhk interior design
Project By: Simplécede

Rugs can be used as versatile design elements to create clear delineations between functional spaces in an apartment. They can be strategically placed beneath seating, dining tables, and bedrooms to create focal points for relaxation, cohesion, and comfort. By selecting rugs that complement each other in colour, texture, and style, you can optimize functionality, enhance visual appeal, and promote a harmonious living environment.

14. Avoid the use of sliding doors

Project By: Studio AVT

Sliding doors are a space-saving and functional alternative to swing doors, especially for bedroom and bathroom entrances. They glide smoothly sideways, conserving floor area and reducing noise. Sliding doors also enhance privacy and comfort, and can be customized with materials, finishes, and designs to complement the space’s ambience. They are particularly beneficial in compact living spaces, making them a versatile and efficient solution for optimizing space usage.

15. Add your personal taste

1 bhk interior design
Project By: The Archville studio

Customize your living space to suit your unique lifestyle and preferences. Consider your daily routines, hobbies, and functional needs to identify key features and amenities. Align resources and space accordingly, optimizing storage, ergonomic furniture, and lighting. Consider aesthetics, reflecting your taste and style. Infuse the design with elements that resonate with your aesthetic sensibilities. Embrace flexibility and adaptability, allowing for future adjustments as your needs evolve. This creates a living space that meets immediate needs and nurtures a sense of comfort, joy, and fulfilment for years to come.


At first glance, the dimensions of a 1BHK interior design might appear constraining, leading one to believe that interior design and decor options are limited. Yet, within these compact confines lies the potential for elegance and charm, proving that size does not dictate style. Rather than viewing the space as restrictive, consider it an opportunity for creative exploration and ingenuity. Embracing the mantra of “doing more with less,” the concept of ‘less is more’ becomes not only relevant but a guiding principle in 1BHK interior design. The 1BHK interior design becomes a canvas for creative experimentation, where every decision serves to maximize functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Priyanshi Shah

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