Dark Chocolate Fondue Recipe

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but when the kids ask for a dessert, I want to make sure it’s a healthy version. Dark chocolate fondue is simple to make and it’s fun to dip fresh fruit and even homemade marshmallows in. Because it’s fast to pull together, we can have a delicious […]

A holistic amalgamation of sustainability and cultural roots | Envisage

Developed by Envisage, an Interior and Architecture firm, the Kaivinai House gracefully resides within the verdant streets of Bangalore. Effortlessly fusing the timeless charm of South Indian traditions with a touch of contemporary allure, the meticulously planned house balances traditional art elements and cultural roots with modern design and technology. Aptly named ‘Kaivinai’ meaning‘ handcrafted’ […]

Hibachi Sauce

Packed with tangy, savory, fresh flavor, this homemade Hibachi Sauce pairs perfectly with steak and stir fries. It’s made without preservatives or artificial flavors for a sauce you can feel great about using! If you’re looking for more easy, delicious homemade sauces to serve with your favorite Asian dishes, try yakitori sauce, yum yum sauce, or katsu […]

Sunrise Group has created a serene elegance through this residence | Sunrise Group

At Sunrise Group, we specialize in creating luxurious and serene spaces that intertwine elegance with comfort seamlessly. Our serene room exemplifies this ethos, featuring a centerpiece bed adorned with a sophisticated pink square backdrop and a sleek leather cushion. Sunrise Group has created a serene elegance through this residence | Sunrise Group This meticulous design […]

IG Drones Wins the Excellence Award for best Disaster Management for Sikkim Flood Response

The impact of IG Drones’ innovative technology in disaster response efforts New Delhi (India), December 26: IG Drones, India’s leading drone tech and analysis platform, adds yet another medal to its tally as it receives the IISSM Annual Excellence Award for the Best Disaster Response/Search and Rescue Company in the presence of the honorable Minister of […]