Surrounded by lush greenery, our design philosophy for 2bhk flat in Ahmedabad is rooted in a commitment to tranquility, drawing inspiration from the rich context of the surroundings.

The client approached Ekatra Studio to design a sample flat for their latest residential apartments project, Pushpam Heights. Shivam Builders offered a 2BHK flat in Ahmedabad for the design, emphasizing the need to appeal to a diverse range of potential buyers.

2bhk Flat In Ahmedabad Is Rooted In A Commitment To Tranquility | Ekatra Studio

Colour Palette

The narrative centers around the timeless and versatile essence of the spaces, achieved through the thoughtful selection of materials, interplay of light, and neutral backdrops, culminating in a home that seamlessly blends style with longevity.

2bhk flat in ahmedabad

Kitchen and Living Room

With a focus on introducing freshness and maintaining an airy, open atmosphere, we opted for a neutral color palette featuring buffs and nude tones, accentuated with soft textures. The ambiance of the kitchen and living room was carefully curated to exude warmth and hospitality, inviting visitors to feel at ease from the moment they step inside.

2bhk flat in ahmedabad

The large windows flood the living and dining spaces with natural light, instantly creating an inviting atmosphere. Lime-based textures lend a natural feel to the walls, extending seamlessly into the dining area. Muted grey sofas, complemented by organic elements like woven rugs, enhance the space’s charm.

The kitchen, painted in sage green, adds a subtle earthiness while maintaining a classic and neutral aesthetic.

2bhk flat in ahmedabad

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, fluted details on the wardrobe add depth, while a clay undertone stucco texture, created with Miami peach paneling, introduces a distinctive touch to the walls, completing the harmonious design scheme.

With its thoughtfully crafted spaces and timeless appeal, Pushpam Heights promises a living experience that transcends trends, offering residents a home that is both stylish and enduring.

2bhk flat in ahmedabad

Fact File

Designed by: Ekatra Studio

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: The Fusion House

Location: Ahmedabad

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 2 Months

Project Size: 1150 Sq.ft

Project Cost: 15 Lakhs

Principal Architects: Aditya Sheth & Manthan Rathod

Photograph Courtesy: Harsheen Mengar

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – Arrcoat Surface / Lighting – Sparkle Enterprise / Sanitaryware – Jaquar / Windows – Domal Sections / Paint – Asian Paints

Firm’s Instagram Link: Ekatra Studio

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