A Zesty Saloon Design with an Ultra-Modern Sophistication with a 8-feet restricted interventions in the ceiling design, adding to the challenges further. Being on the second floor, the exterior façade ought to be eye-catchy and a little extra. An outpouring of maroon and the highlighting texts did the job perfectly alongside the yellow lights for the night. On the other hand, the interiors are modest and superlative.

A Zesty Saloon Design with an Ultra-Modern Sophistication | The Framework Interiors

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One of the residences is mainly for hair. The entrance foyer is designed for an easy transition with a play of textures and artworks all along.

A boldly curved reception desk along with a grid display unit boisterously introduce the space and the purpose. To its right falls the haircut and wash area.

The brown backdrop smartly recedes itself to let the backlit mirrors and the wall units do the talking.  The plain and fluted texture play on the wall silently adding that dimensional edge to the space.

A teal green gets introduced for the movables here. The shade works dually by enlivening and amping up the space, and it voguishly merges with the concept adding to the desired sophistication and class.

The hair wash section is courteous and thoughtfully detailed. The wooden texture of the floor tile truly works in addressing the space. The teal green for the seats and the facing view toward the gridded ceiling is thoughtfully detailed.

Backlit alabaster sheets for the ceiling add that warm glow playing along the symphony created by the veneers and elements around. For the partitioning, circular displays break the monotony of the vertical battens further adding to the elemental quality.

Then comes the private cabins that open up from a passage space. A mass and void design principle is followed for the storage units across this passage.

This strategy helps avoid the perceptual narrowing down of the scale plus, it enhances the aesthetics while transitioning from one room to another. Furthermore, the partitions are done in translucent glass- aiding the intended space quality.

Moving towards the hair treatment section, it follows a similar theme as the haircut section. It’s comparatively a tighter space and pertaining to the purpose of the area, some witty details had to be worked upon.

An openable ventilation system lies behind the hand-painted wall art. It can be opened up for enhanced ventilation into the arena during chemical treatment procedures. Hence, reducing the discomfort caused during the chemical process.

The color palette with brown-ivory and a dash of green is recurrent throughout. The private cabins are soberly designed pertaining to this palette and the lighting is done to achieve that sense of calmness.

Beautiful wall arts are introduced through customized wallpapers and window shades. They help add that liveliness and a happy vibe.

The wooden wall paneling along with these graphics truly amps up the manicure pedicure section. Again, the dash of teal green for the display unit against the wooden paneling does the job perfectly.

An established design is one that satisfies the client, the designer, and the user. And, this saloon space stands out exceptionally in justifying the client brief and space offered. An outstanding exemplar of modesty, sophistication, and ultra-modern luxury that stands for its class.

Fact File

Designed by : The Framework Interiors

Project Type : Salon Interior Design

Project Name : B Tanish Beauty Salon

Location : Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra

Year Built : 2022

Duration of the project : 9 months

Project Size : 2500 Sq.ft

Principal Designer : Srinidhi Nagpure

Text Credits : Ar. Megha Hirani

Photograph Courtesy : Shasshank Bhaleraao

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Veneer, Duco / Wallcovering / Cladding – Charcoal sheet, Fluted PVC Panels, MDF / Lighting – Hybec, Raj Electricals / Sanitaryware – Kohler / Facade Systems – Aludecor / Windows – Aluplast UPVC Windows / Flooring – Nexion Tiles / Paint – Royale Aspira, Asian Paints / Artefacts – Bella Homes, Pimpri / Wallpaper – Bella Homes / Hardware – Bose, Hettich.

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