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Imagine a modern bridal studio and salon that comes straight from a royal dream. That is how the designers at Acacia Creatives approached the design of their project : ‘The Carved Elegance’. This bridal studio & salon with a vintage design and modern touches, is a 1000 square feet space, divided into three sections according to varying activities. The first section consists of the reception and waiting area. Further ahead is the salon area which finally leads to the bridal studio. 

Bridal Studio & Salon With A Vintage Design And Modern Touches | ACACIA CREATIVES


As one enters, they are transported into the Victorian age. This light theme is carried forward up till the salon area. The black and white square grid flooring which gives a classic look, also unifies the entire space. Above the entrance into the reception and waiting area, one can observe the intricately carved designs that crown the door.

Three carved arches run along the wall with a hand-carved lion head in the center, which forms the prime focus for visitors. The antique furniture and lights are superimposed against the plain white Victorian interiors. A backlit arched niche forms a contemporary showcase for salon products.

The client wanted a small office space inside the studio. As the area of the space was not significant, the designers made many iterations of the plans to finally work out an office space for the owner adjacent to the reception.

Pastel green polka dot wallpapers add character to this space. Moving forward from the office, one finally enters the salon area. Dark green salon chairs and arched mirrors on one side and arched display areas on the other form the salon area.

A shampoo chair is provided at one end along with a nail station. The clients also demanded a spa room, which has been added adjacent to the salon. Another striking feature of the salon area are the paintings in red that add contrast and elegance to the space.

A small connecting vestibule takes one from the salon area to the bridal studio. Perhaps the most vibrant section of the entire project, the bridal studio exudes richness. The bold color choices in this area are inspired from the quintessential Indian wedding.

A vintage glass chandelier is just one of the many aspects adding a classical element. Hand carved graceful swans are designed and placed over each of the three mirrors. After painting the carvings white, the craftsmen have hand painted golden accents to enhance the look of the ornamentation.

A bright red wooden double door is used as a design element and opens into the refreshment area. This zone consists of utilities such as a pantry area, kitchen and refrigerator along with a trial room and washroom for the clients. It is paired up with red make-up chairs and wallpaper.

One of the main centerpieces of the studio is the photo shoot corner created inside the bridal studio. Raja Ravi Varma, who was closely related to the Parsi community of Mumbai, painted several portraits and scenes from the lives of the people.

His painting named ‘Decking the bride’ adorns the wall of the studio. This painting describes the Parsi wedding ritual and how the ladies in waiting are dressing the bride before the ceremony commences. Along with this, his other paintings namely, ‘Hamsa Damyanti’ and ‘Radha in Moonlight’ also add vibrance to the bridal makeup area.

The interior is sure to transport the clients into a royal era.  The designers saw many challenges while incorporating vastu into the layout, however, the end result is just majestic.



Project Type : Bridal Makeup Studio and Salon

Project Name : “Carved Elegance” The Vintage Modern Dream

Location : Times Square 2, Thaltej Sindhu Bhavan, Ahmedabad

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 4 months

Project Size : 1000 sq.ft

Principal  Designer : Jigna & Jatin Chauhan

Photograph Courtesy : Inclined Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link : ACACIA CREATIVES

Firm’s Facebook Link : ACACIA CREATIVES


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