The site is situated in a crowded residential area, surrounded by neighboring houses close to the compound walls, which makes it challenging to ensure privacy. The client’s old residence was demolished to make way for the new one. This Sunlit Dwelling is a testament to the harmonious fusion of modern design and sustainable living. The design concept focused on three main requirements by client.

This Sunlit Dwelling is a Testament to the Harmonious Fusion of Modern Design and Sustainable Living | ergo D novate

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  1. Abundant daylight without overheating the interiors.
  2. Excellent cross ventilation for all spaces.
  3. Maintaining privacy from the neighboring residences.

The design of this residence incorporates several key features to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Inspired by the abundance of natural sunlight in our country, this house is designed to maximize the use of daylight, creating a bright and vibrant living space.

The architecture of the house focuses on open spaces, large windows, and skylights, allowing ample sunlight to filter in throughout the day. The strategic positioning of the house ensures that every room is bathed in natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

It incorporates sustainable materials, energy-efficient systems, and innovative design features to minimize its carbon footprint. The integration of solar panels provides renewable energy, further reducing the dependence on non-renewable resources.

The interior of the house is as captivating as its exterior. The design adopts an open plan layout that seamlessly connects the living, dining, kitchen and worship areas creating a sense of expansiveness.  This spatial arrangement fosters a sense of unobstructed space, enhancing the flow of light and air throughout the residence. 

The use of natural materials and a neutral color palette adds to the serene ambiance, while carefully chosen furniture and artwork enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

The use of joint less white terrazzo flooring enhances the perception of spaciousness within the interiors. The reflective quality of the flooring amplifies the penetration of natural light, ensuring a well illuminated environment throughout the day.

Strategically placed frosted glass brick walls allow ample natural light to enter the house while preserving privacy from the surrounding residential context. The combination of these walls with open-able windows, oriented to harness prevailing winds, ensures effective cross ventilation, keeping the common areas cool and comfortable without air conditioning.

The design deliberately merges the interior spaces opening to the exterior with thoughtfully designed landscaping elements. This integration blurs the boundaries between the residence and dense residential surroundings, creating a cohesive and serene living environment.

By thoughtfully incorporating these architectural features, the residence fulfills the client’s desires for a well-lit, ventilated and private living space that seamlessly interacts with its natural surroundings.

The design not only addresses functional requirements but also creates an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious dwelling for the beautiful joint family of six members of three generations.

Fact File

Designed by: ergo D novate

Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

Project Name: Sunlit Dwelling : A blend of Nature, Comfort & Design

Location: Anand, Gujarat

Year Built: 2023

Built Up Area: 7,500 Sq.ft

Principal ArchitectsAr. Yash Patel & Ar. Rachita Patel

Yash Patel: B.arch

Rachita Patel: B.arch, Masters in Industrial design – Ceramic & Glass Design, NID

Team Design Credits: Megha Shah & Vrajesh Mistry

Photograph Courtesy: Infinity Innovations

Client: Mr. Devang Patel

Team size: 8

Products/Materials/Vendors: Concrete – Ultra Tech / Sanitary ware & Fittings – Jaquar / Flooring – Indian Terrazzo by Design cell & Simpolo / Air Conditioning – Mitsubishi heavy industry / Lighting – Jaquar & Litomatic / Hardware – Ebbco & Ozone / Paint – Asian paint / Windows – Upvc windows by Fenesta Arts/artifacts -Ergodnovate, Megha Shah & various / Plywood & Veneers – Nippon Marketing

Firm’s Website Link: ergo D novate

Firm’s Instagram Link: ergo D novate

Firm’s Facebook Link: ergo D novate

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