10 Types of Partitions For A Modern Indian Home

In a modern Indian home, different types of partitions play a vital role in the function of the spaces. The partition word itself defines division, or parting, while used in a particular space. Interior space partitions vary in mechanism, materials, sizes, and overall looks. One singular space can also have various uses by inserting small and aesthetically appealing types of partitions. They can also be used for partial visual connections and sometimes to expand spaces while they collapse in a home. As a result, there is always a quest to find the right types of partitions for the interior spaces of a modern Indian home. Here are the 10 different types of partitions that would enhance the interior of a modern Indian home.

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1. Simple Wooden bars

Types of Partitions
Project By: SML Architects

In a home, to cater to simple designs that function well according to the purpose of an open layout, the partition wall is crucial to impose. These spaces, when they have the aim of staying in harmony with each other, cannot be fully parted. Hence, a simple yet elegant-looking partition wall using wooden bars of a certain thickness can be used. These, when placed at a certain distance, can act as a partition wall overall. They can be partial connections between the two spaces.

2. Luxurious Metal Effect

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When there is a living room that has velvet-textured linen-covered sofas that highlight the overall space, its appearance cannot be denied. To complement the division between the living room and the dining room, one has to have a luxurious-looking partition wall design. Hence, using a metal design hung from the beam can turn out to be a perfect fit. Such a partition wall also has transparency and keeps connectivity alive even with its presence. It can also add to the background of the sofa, giving it a luxurious look and feel.

3. The one with the added greens

Types of Partitions
Project By: Alkesh Patel and Associates

A space in a living room where there is this huge window opening with high curtains and light flushing has to be alive. This factor of liveliness can be added through the incorporation of a partition wall that can carry the greens within it. The partition wall with elegant-looking curves and metal frames that would divide the living and dining areas would be very suitable. This wall can have provisions where one can put small planters that would refresh the space.

4. Small Space Carvings

Project By: Prayog Design Studio

Open-space layouts cannot always be huge. Some spaces have size constraints. Developing a design that would prove to be huge for the overall partition is not advisable. Hence, in such small space-constraint areas where parting the spaces is necessary, one can opt-out with certain wooden designs. These wooden partition walls can be made with simple, carved wooden plates assembled in a grid within the space. The carvings can act as connectors even after dividing the spaces.

5. Vintage look of Iron bar carvings

Types of Partitions
Project By: Neeta Kumar

Modern Indian homes have had a lot of variety in their interior designs lately. There are various themes that drive these designs. With these themes come all the other elements of the space. For example, when one keeps the theme of the design vintage, they choose wooden raw furniture, metal hangings, lights, or lanterns. Here, a partition wall can complement the overall look, giving an intrinsic background behind a wooden sofa. This partition wall can be made of iron-carved frames depicting ancient times’ look and feel.

6. Defining an Area

Project By: Tectona Grandis

There are partition walls that are designed to define a particular area. These walls are called fixed partitions and are mandatory for serving the purpose of the space. Such partition walls can be designed with wood and glass. As we can understand, the purpose of any partition wall design is not to completely block the space but to keep even the slightest possibility of the connection alive. Hence, while using a wooden partition wall, one can include glass in the design. When wood blocks the vision, glass gives visual connectivity from one space to another.

7. Free-standing Space Dividers

Types of Partitions
Project By: Amazing Interiors

In an open-plan layout, when the space consists of a living room and dining room in a single area, they can be divided in different ways. Here, the solid partition wall can reduce the openness and singularity of the space. Hence, the kind of partition wall used shall make the space more breathable rather than enclosed. This helps the functional connection speak when there is life happening within them. The partition wall can be kept free-standing, attached from the beam towards the floor, and made out of simple carved metal frames. This design will further help one have a partial connection between the spaces. Such partition walls act as mere space dividers, which also act as elements placed within the room.

8. Partition walls as acting Gateways

Types of Partitions
Project By: The Design Alley

Many times, the spaces need to be divided for their transitions. In such spaces, a partition wall is always designed as a transitional gateway that can be used for multiple purposes. While making it act as a gateway for the transition of the living room to the dining room, one can design it on a wooden grid that can be used as a showcase for both spaces. Such partition walls can give the space a very vibrant and cosy feel in the house.

9. Traditional-looking screens

Types of Partitions
Project By: Phylosophy Design Studio

Numerous types of designs come up with the type of theme of the house. These themes are based on the structure of the house; the high ceilings or the pitched roof rooms have a different approach to their looks. This kind of space does not need any further space dividers but keeps the look in a singular format. The partition wall in a traditional-looking home can be a screen that has been added behind the sofa by using the cane material. They can be either kept detached from the furniture or added to their structure. This way, by making it a screen that is placed behind the furniture, it can be moved easily. Such partitions, acting as movable furniture, can help keep the space organic.

10. The half and half appearance 

Types of Partitions
Project By: Nest Architects

When one space has to act as multi-functionality, there have to be elements present in it that support the characteristics of the space. Where partition walls are used not just as space dividers but also as elements that can be storage, a TV unit, a gateway, or a transitional element, the way they are constructed is important. Giving a half-sliding folding door in the living room according to the use can be suitable. To increase the aesthetics of the room, it can be made with metal carvings with colours that complement the theme of the room.

Looking at the above types of partitions, one can always see how important they are for enhancing the looks of a modern Indian home. As we can see, we get open-space layouts in a flat, which have to be used for more than one purpose. These types of designs can help designers make them more suitable. Designing different types of partitions is not about privacy but about creating different kinds of boundaries with amazing characters.

Such boundaries sometimes become the defining factor for the space. Hence, materials such as metal, wood, iron, and glass are used variedly to give them certain characteristics. One can either choose to insert a fixed partition, a moveable partition, a sliding folding partition, or the individual standing space dividers. Depending upon the theme of the house the elements of the partition can be decided. The designs of the types of partitions in a home will always vary according to the design. As a result, types of partitions will be the ever-changing and evolving part of the designs in a modern Indian home.

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