A luxury décor store with an aim to elevate your living | Talking Spaces

The brand, Paarkhi, is an upcoming luxury décor brand for homes crafting products out of stone. Their philosophy of “We dream, we love, we curate and we create” is a journey that has many beginnings but no end resonates fully with our design philosophy. When it comes to designing a space for a luxury stone boutique, we knew the importance of creating a retail experience that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A luxury décor store with an aim to elevate your living | Talking Spaces

As you enter the store you read” Handmade with love. Handmade with Care. Handmade just for you”. Precisely our vision with the store design. The journey of creating the perfect space for Paarkhi was a thoughtful and meticulous one. The design team at Talking Spaces Architecture and design studio carefully curated everything.

The aspect of the boutique ensured that it exuded the brand’s essence and philosophy. Numerous samples were specially curated and provided to Paarkhi which helped us achieve the perfect Paarkhi blue. From the choice of materials to the placement of each piece, every decision was made to create a space that was both visually appealing and functional.

The topmost aspect to bear in mind while envisioning this store was to make the beautiful products on display the protagonist of the show and for us to create a great envelope around them. The boutique was also designed to be functional, with products easily accessible and easy.

to browse, while also allowing the products to stand out. The lighting was also carefully chosen, with the bright lights illuminating the products, but not overpowering them.

Amid the meticulous design of Paarkhi’s luxurious stone boutique, there is one feature that truly stands out—an extraordinary stone window weighing nearly 400 kg. This remarkable addition adds a sense of grandeur and exclusivity to the boutique’s exterior.

Installing such a substantial boulder was a challenging endeavour, requiring the expertise of a crane to carefully position it. Beyond being a visually stunning architectural element, the stone window offers an exciting glimpse into the world of Paarkhi from the outside.

Good retail design is to highlight the product and not the display as we have learnt. We blended subtle elements, finishes and textures wrapped carefully in the brand colours, to create the perfect stage for handcrafted products.

The design team decided to incorporate wooden shelves throughout the space.  The combination of wood and stone created an interesting contrast, highlighting the uniqueness of each piece. To further elevate the ambience and add a touch of enchantment to Paarkhi’s luxurious stone boutique, specially curated lights finished with stone veneer were introduced throughout the space.

The billing desk is a simple detail of white quartz and stone welcoming you into the space. The barware is all housed in a linear counter space with a lot of interesting products on display. The display feature wall area is finished with grooved quartz accentuated by the abstract arrangement of brightly lit wooden shelves. The result was a space that perfectly reflects the brand’s philosophy.

The rear wall is the background of the blue grooved wall accentuated by the abstract arrangement of brightly lit marble shelves. The shelves create an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury, while still allowing the products to be the main focus. We believe in making our dreams and aspirations a reality, and one of them is to create a space where we can live out our passion towards handmade products. By living our dream and making our passion a reality, we believe that others too can live theirs.

Fact File

Designed by:
Talking Spaces

Project Type: Retail Store Design

Project Name: Paarkhi

Location: Bangalore

Project Size: 2200 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Shruti Bihani & Akshay Baheti

Photograph Courtesy: Anurag Malpani

Firm’s Website Link: Talking Spaces

Firm’s Instagram Link: Talking Spaces

Firm’s Facebook Link: Talking Spaces

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