A Story Unfolding Within Niche Wall Design that Curve and Dance | Form Design Studio

In a swanky little spot in Indore, Madhya Pradesh is a real gem of a home sweet home for a lawyer and his clan. We’ve designed this space to be more than just a house. It’s a whole vibe, a story unfolding within niche wall design that curve and dance, thanks to our fancy fillet corners.

A Story Unfolding Within Niche Wall Design that curve and dance | Form Design Studio

Now, this isn’t your ordinary build. Nope, not even close! We are talking about a three-story wonder on a modest 900 sqft plot. Yep, you heard that right, three stories of pure architectural finesse!

niche wall design

And let me tell you, it’s made the place feel more spacious than a yoga studio on a mountain top! But here’s the real pièce de résistance: a double-height living room that’s like a big, warm hug when you walk in.

The dining area? Oh, it’s a sight to behold, with wooden chairs and tables that practically beg you to gather ’round for a feast fit for a king.

niche wall design

And let’s not forget the little space we’ve set aside for some spiritual zen—a temple for moments of calm and reflection. Because hey, even in a house this awesome, a little peace and quiet can go a long way.

niche wall design

niche wall design

We’ve got not one, not two, but three bedrooms! And a cherry on top—a master bedroom fit for royalty.

niche wall design

niche wall design

Oh, and we didn’t stop there. Nope! We’ve splashed the interiors and exteriors with bright, happy colors—none of that dull and dreary business here.

Wooden accents everywhere, from railings to furniture, bringing in that cozy warmth.

niche wall design

So, in a nutshell, we’ve crafted a place that’s not just a house, it’s a happy dance of colors, curves, and comfort. It’s like a warm hug from your favourite blanket on a chilly night.

niche wall design

niche wall design

We said, “Sayonara!” to those regular ol’ 90-degree angles and brought in some curves to make the rooms feel like they’re giving each other a friendly hug.

Daylight is streaming in from a skylight, flooding the place with that good ol’ vitamin D and giving the whole house a lively, sunshine-y vibe.

A spot where the lawyer’s office and family residence blend seamlessly, and where every nook and cranny is designed to make you feel right at home.

Fact File

Designed by: Form Design Studio

Project Type: Residential Architecture & Interior Design

Project Name: Fillet House

Location: Indore, MP

Year Built: 2023

Built-up Area: 2400 Sq.ft

Project Cost: 50 Lakh

Principal Architect: Murtaza Topiwala & Nikhil Marmat

Photograph Courtesy: Dhawal Bumb & Ruuhchitra

Software: AutoCAD, SketupUp

Unique Material Used: Pattern Tile Flooring

Firm’s Website Link: Form Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Form Design Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: Form Design Studio

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