A vaastu compliant home that makes the past and the present meet | Woodpeckers Studio

The architectural journey of the “Humble Adobe” bungalow began with a unique blend of traditional aesthetics and modern sensibilities. The design process is centered on creating a Vaastu-complaint residence capable of accommodating three generations of the family.

The external façade of this project resonates with the charm of contemporary homes, featuring an exposed brick pattern that exudes rustic elegance. The rectangular site plot serves as a canvas for an design that incorporated the principles of Vaastu Shastra along the functionality needs. The area after leaving the required margins was divided into 3 unequal grids both horizontally and vertically, creating 9 distinct sections, which holds significance number in Vaastu.

Within the “Humble Adobe,” interiors emerge as a canvas of contemporary elegance, adhering to a muted and clean aesthetic. Use of neutral tones along with natural materials like wood, metal, brick, etc. along with a dash of colour  was done to oomph up the space. We have used I girders and in the living and multipurpose room to add a modern touch to the elevation along with aluminium railing.

A vaastu compliant home that makes the past and the present meet | Woodpeckers Studio

Spatial Arrangement

The entrance is strategically placed within the central bay, leading into the living room located in the north-east corner. On the south-east side, the kitchen and dining area are artfully situated. A sliding partition seamlessly connects the dining/kitchen and living spaces, allowing for flexibility in spatial arrangement when required.

Moving further into the bungalow, the entry bay guides inhabitants towards the central staircase, with a common washroom below. To the south-west of the staircase, the grandparent’s room is planned and one bedroom  is planned in the south-east. This placement was in alignment with Vaastu, the south-west signifying the powerful direction, which was fitting for the head of the house.

Spiritual and Modern Elements

The “Humble Adobe” bungalow carefully considers every aspect of its design, including the spiritual dimension. Positioned on the ground floor’s northeast side, the puja room becomes a sanctum of tranquility and devotion.

With a focus on Vaastu principles, the placement of the puja room in the north side aligns with traditional beliefs. The design pays homage to the significance of the north-east direction as a source of positive energy and spirituality. This sacred space is elevated by a double height, symbolizing reverence and offering a visual connection to the divine.

Adhering to the idea of not stepping over holy spaces, the puja room is intentionally located in a corner that avoids foot traffic, creating an environment of reverence and serenity. The design incorporates intricate detailing, creating an ambiance conducive to prayer and meditation.

Soft tones of grey ,wood and beige blend in to create a classic ambience. Tiles and wooden fluting adorn the TV wall. Dining and living areas are divided by fluted MDF, and the atmosphere in the living room is enhanced by maximum daylight due to 6’ windows. Wooden veneer crowns the ceiling, while a customized center table and grey-blood red sofas exude the modern character.

An Italian marble-topped dining table resonates with the breakfast table’s brown stone, accompanied by wooden chairs with beige cushioning.

In kitchen ,modular kitchen topped with acrylic sheet in shades of mauve and beige infuse vitality into the kitchen, enriching without overpowering. Each storage is planned as per the daily needs and usage.

A central wooden jharokha finds its place along with its sand blasted sandstone  backdrop divided into 3×3 grid. At its heart, a customized Sri Yantra emanates positive energy. Elevated floor from the generic flooring level signify reverence of a puja space. A light beneath the jharokha’s floor signifies stepping into blessings.

The first floor continues the thoughtful distribution of spaces. The master bedroom was thoughtfully located on the south-west side, adhering to Vaastu principles. With a 14’ wide linear window with balcony the kids bedroom opens in the east direction ,bringing in the maximum morning sunlight. 

The north-west corner accommodates the guestroom. On the north-east side, a multipurpose room is planned, with versatility in mind; serving as a gym, yoga space, or play area.

The multipurpose room is well illuminated  with by grid windows, supplemented by planters along the window perimeter. This space as the beautiful outside view with champa tree on left.

The room embraces simplicity, with an ocean blue headboard adding a touch of liveliness. A well-appointed wardrobe, bed, and study complete the ensemble.

The colours of the wardrobe have been kept muted to keep it subtle and not overpower.

The daughters bedroom has  a Gypsum 2 levelled rainbow paneling with dim ambient lighting gracing the bed’s backdrop.

The  deeper colored furniture in  lilac adds on to the candyland vibe of the space. Soft curves exude a feminine touch, echoing throughout the room.


The journey of “Humble Adobe” reflects the artistry of blending tradition and modernity, manifesting through every contour and space, weaving a tapestry that honors the old while embracing the new.It showcases the thoughtful fusion of tradition and modernity, encompassing both spatial functionality and Vaastu principles. This bungalow stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of design concepts that cater to  the family’s diverse needs while maintaining a connection with age-old beliefs.

Fact File

Designed by: Woodpeckers Studio

Project Type: Residential Architecture and Interior Design

Project Name: The Humble Abode

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 2022-2023

Project Size: 2994 Sq.ft

Project Cost: 1.5 Crore

Principal Architects: Ar. Vatsal Patel & Ar. Aishwarya Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Rockbrand Inc

Products / Materials / Vendors: Lighting – Geolighting, Lafit, Resilience Enterprise(vendor) / Doors and Partitions – Custom made / Furniture –Woodmount by Mahavir furniture / Paint –Asian paints / Artefacts –079 Stories / Furnishings-The Zookeeper(kids bedroom) / Curtains-Home Glory / Limocoat –Capsicum wall ideas / Monocoat- Concube / Wooden ceiling- Vox Ceiling

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