Dense foliage, floating roof and a plug-in of semi-open nature | Studio Vista Architects

This 3,500 sq. ft. residence, nestled near Guruvayoor, unfolds as an aspirational haven for a family settled in Dubai. With a distinctive interplay of volumes and the illusion of a floating roof, the design places paramount importance on preserving an existing mango tree—a specific request from the clients that anchors the planning. Positioned between neighboring houses on the northern and southern sides, the plot seamlessly connects to nature on the shorter dimensions. The challenge of a narrow plot prompted a vertical approach to residential planning, unlocking the potential for a premium lifestyle within the constraints of vertical interior volumes.

Dense foliage, floating roof and a plug-in of semi-open nature | Studio Vista Architects

The family, comprising two young kids, expressed an unwavering desire for a luxurious retreat during their vacations, with a primary focus on cultivating comfortable interiors. Introducing the added layer of Vastu principles presented a captivating challenge, necessitating a delicate fusion of modernity with the ancient wisdom of Vastu.

In alignment with these principles, the master bedroom on the ground floor was strategically elevated by 60 cm, resulting in an impressive floor height of 3.75 meters. Leveraging this increased volume, combined with generously proportioned rooms and extensive openings on all sides, the interiors exude a palpable sense of space and openness, heightened by the seamless flow of natural light.

The sitout is a cozy shaded place with tall calathia plants adorning one side and blocking out unpleasant views. The large double door with diagonal grooves and brass-carved handles was custom-designed to provide grandeur to the main entry and axially placed to face the Pooja door.

The Pooja door is designed as a door of low height as per Vastu beliefs and is fitted with custom-designed Rod art pattern to visually make the door height match the lintel level. The Pooja space is accessed via a small courtyard profusely lit by a fixed window. The mural on the wall cleverly conceals the DB behind it.

The central axis of the house features a ventilated jali wall in the front and a window at the rear, in alignment with Vastu principles for ventilation. The foyer space, profusely lit by the jail wall facing the west sun, is visually enhanced by identical-looking consoles with large bevel-designed mirrors. One of the consoles is designed to house the inverter and battery unit.

The extension of this console runs as a panel wall in the living room, housing all the wires and cables of the TV and other devices. All the furniture units in the living room are custom-made to suit the intended style.

The extraordinarily high ceiling in the living room was made to look visually lower by providing a wooden veneered finished ceiling with CNC cut patterns, providing a rich quality to it. The windows were designed to efficiently overlook the water court outside.

The core family area of this house takes a mindful design approach to counteract external views, introducing an inward-looking mango courtyard. Corridors adorned with retro-styled windows (uPVC) and statuario design vitrified tiles provide a memorable journey through the corridor, evoking a sense of nostalgia while also illuminating the area.

The kitchen, which is designed to overlook the courtyard on one side and the large clerestory window on top facing East was intentionally placed to embrace the morning sun. PU-finished drawers and a white quartz top were chosen to align with the client’s preference for a white palette.

The floating steps of the staircase are wood wrapped over an MS framework, with special care given to the organic designing of the handrail to not obstruct the view but to glide along. The staircase gracefully unfolds into a family living space, overlooking the serene mango courtyard. The built-in bench with a library shelf beneath becomes a cherished gathering space for the family during evenings.

Bedroom planning, predominantly facing the southwest sun, strategically mitigates sun exposure and unwanted views of adjoining houses through a blank wall on the first floor instead opens out through large windows opening onto balconies with expansive views of greenery.

The master bedroom, a sanctuary of tranquility, is elevated by 60 cm in alignment with Vastu principles. Approached by teakwood steps, the grandeur of the room is established from the outset. The combination of laminate cladding and gold T strips on the wall creates a contrast with the dramatic wooden laminate chosen for the furniture in the room. Sliding glass has been installed in place of a door for the toilet.

All the toilets in the residence are designed to reflect the color palettes chosen for their respective bedrooms, with layouts carefully aligned with Vastu orientations.

The guest bedroom was designed with their aged mother in mind, and therefore, the room’s theme is kept neutral, relying on moldings, artworks, and carefully designed lights to enhance the ambiance. Teakwood beadings are used to define the edges and break the monotony of white.

While the common areas followed a neutral palette with warm undertones, in the bedrooms, the client’s requests take center stage, resulting in a collection of unique interior themes that reflect the individuality and preferences of each occupant.

The pastel peach color in the daughter’s bedroom and shades of green in the son’s bedroom cater to their tastes. However, in general, child-specific decor elements were omitted to maintain an age-neutral interior. The wall mural and bespoke bike rod wire art serve as aesthetic additions to the bedrooms.

The home theatre is conceived as a stylish den, characterized by a luxurious red backdrop for the bar in PU-finished fluted HDF. The cohesive design includes a triangular pattern on the ceiling and wall panels adorned with concealed lights and profile lights, creating a holistic atmosphere that elevates the theatre experience.

In essence, this well-rounded residence not only addresses the clients’ desire for a premium lifestyle but also stands as a harmonious integration of modern design, Vastu principles, and individualized character, creating a dwelling that is both aspirational and deeply personal.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Vista Architects

Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

Project Name: The Pravasi Home

Location: Kerala

Year Built: 2023

Project Size: 3500 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Ar. Varsha & Ar. Shariga

Team Design Credits: Ar. Sreya S & Steevo Jackson

Photograph Courtesy: Nathan Photography

Client: Mr. Sujin & Mrs. Lakshmi Sujin

Project Contractor: Sajeesh (Civil) & Wood Master (Joinery)

Interior Project Contractor: Dream Weavers & K Designs

Products / Materials / Vendors: Furniture and Artefacts – Homesoul Theyyampattil, Dream Weavers, Simple furniture / False Ceiling – Vox / Lighting – Hybec – ZE lights, Belacasa Kochi / Flooring – Milagro, Nexion, RAK, Eclipse, Timex, Ritz, Simpolo, Granitogres, (Dealer – ABC Emporio Kochi) / Sanitaryware – Kohler, Jaquar, TOTO   (Dealer – ABC Emporio Kochi) / Paints and Texture – Asian Paints / Home Theatre – Aries / uPVC windows – Prominance / Curtains – Evonne Décor, Kochi / Wall Art frames – Wallframes, Kochi / Customised Metal Artwork – Creative Art Studio by Justin / Wall Murals – The Yellow Company, Kochi / Gardener – Flintstone_landscaping, Thrissur

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