Situated within the tranquil residential enclave of Vasant Vihar in New Delhi, this dwelling showcases a modern classic interior infused with an Indian aesthetic. Encompassing 3,000 square feet, the first-floor residence exudes warmth, eclecticism, quintessential Indian elements, and a sense of serenity. Housing a young millennial couple with a growing family alongside their parents presented an opportunity to craft a space that is versatile in function yet cohesive in its essence. Collaborating with clients who had a clear objective to enhance storage and primarily declutter the home within a constrained budget, we embarked on a redesign journey.

Dwelling Showcases A Modern Classic Interior Infused With An Indian Aesthetic | Sol Studio

modern classic interior

Entrance To Living

As you enter the residence through the corridor, leads you on one side to the living room and dining area. Meanwhile on the opposite side, the family lounge and bedrooms nestles, affording a sense of privacy and personal boundary.

modern classic interior

To enhance the visual allure of the modern classic interior of living area, the clients’ authentic Tanjore paintings are of prime importance. These underwent a restoration before being thoughtfully arranged on the wall behind the sofa.

The strategic placement of these paintings serves a dual purpose—injecting lively bursts of color into the room and infusing a subtle yet captivating sense of drama against the backdrop of white walls and marble flooring.

modern classic interior

In the living room, we established a cohesive seating plan for the spacious area, introducing a curvilinear sofa paired with nested tables to infuse a more relaxed and informal feel, breaking the formal tone while unifying the expansive seating space.

The blend of these intricately restored artworks with the contemporary elements in the room creates a dynamic and visually compelling living space, reflecting the perfect marriage of traditional authenticity and modern elegance.

Dining Area

The dining area is part of the living space, and connotes the idea of comfort and is a study in contrasts, as it speaks to both form and function. The hand-carved table with its unique design is intentional, expressing the craft techniques ingrained in our heritage. Classic oval back chairs are an homage to tradition, while the selected contemporary prints complement their vintage style.

The Second Living

The living room interconnects to a second room, erstwhile a bar but now re-designed as a multipurpose room.

modern classic interior

It can be used as an extension of the living room for large get-togethers, a cozy reading room or converted into another bedroom for guests.

Bedroom Design

The bedrooms were designed as an oasis of tranquility, with soft white walls and warm textiles, each designed to suit the mood and needs of their owners.

modern classic interior

The marriage between contemporary linear fluted paneling and classic moldings behind the leather upholstered grand master bed is an expression in refined luxury.  

Colour Palette

The pastel-hued palette of soft neutrals and transitional pieces is a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Each of the bedrooms adapts a personality suited to the member staying in it.

The muted tones of green, yellow, and brown come together in this bedroom to create a timeless and harmonious palette. This classic combination imbues the space with a sense of tranquility and balance. The textured classic wall serves as a backdrop, providing depth and character to the room. Accompanied by a Chesterfield teak wood bed, custom designed bedside table, and carefully selected accessories, overall the room is designed.

modern classic interior

Layering And Details

Every aspect of the design has been meticulously considered, from the thoughtful arrangement of furniture to the layering of decorative elements. This attention to detail ensures that the space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and inviting. As a result, the bedroom evokes a sense of refined elegance while still maintaining a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Ultimately, the careful craftsmanship and thoughtful design choices culminate in a residence that exudes an unmistakable Indian essence. This home is more than just a physical space; it is a place where people can truly evolve and grow, forging meaningful connections and memories that will endure for years to come.

The project encountered a significant challenge in addressing the distinct needs and preferences of two generations cohabiting within the residence. Ensuring that the design process accommodated the diverse ideas of both generations in terms of functionality, aesthetics, materials, and furniture posed a considerable obstacle, especially considering that the clients continued to inhabit the house during this transformative period.

Understanding The Client’s Needs

The studio undertook a careful analysis of the requirements from each generation and implemented solutions that seamlessly integrated into the existing living environment. Through strategic planning and thoughtful design interventions, the studio effectively managed to harmonize the contrasting ideas and requirements, ensuring that the residence catered to the unique needs of each generation.

Fact File

Designed by: Sol Studio

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Vana Home

Location: Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Year Built: 2023

Duration of Project: 8 Months

Plot Area: 3000 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Ritu Sharma & Amit Didwania

Photograph Courtesy: Jeetin Sharma

Firm’s Website Link: Sol Studio

The Firm’s Instagram Link: Sol Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: Sol Studio

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