Elegance and Harmony: A Modern House Interior with a Natural Touch | V Shah Design Studio

A 2200 sq. ft. small plot is transformed into a functional home tailoring to the needs of an IT professional husband and his homemaker wife. Nestled in Vadodara (Vassar) this residence is a testament to contemporary design and harmonious living. Designed with a keen eye for aesthetics, the modern house interior seamlessly blends modernity with natural elements, creating a space that is both visually striking and incredibly inviting.

Elegance and Harmony: A Modern House Interior with a Natural Touch | V Shah Design Studio

The heart of the home, the living room, welcomes you with its warmth and elegance. Its wooden ceiling exudes a cosy ambience. What truly sets this room apart is the captivating piece of art adorning the sofa resting wall.

It’s a minimal mural embedded within the wall, featuring monochrome and earthy tones. This mural transforms the space, infusing it with artistic expression and a touch of minimalism.

Adjacent to the living room, the dining area continues the theme of natural materials and modern design. The wooden dining table, with its modern fluted base, perfectly complements the living room’s material palette.

The sleek, classic dining chairs offer both comfort and style. Here, every meal is an experience, with the added delight of having a view of the uniquely designed staircase.

The staircase in this residence is well placed and aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design features and two parallel plates with a wooden top – creating a striking visual contrast. The introduction of vibrant yellow colour against the monochromatic backdrop adds a touch of unexpected vibrancy.

At the heart of the staircase lies a vertical geometric sculpture made of concrete, further enhancing the overall atmosphere. This sculpture serves as a captivating focal point that draws the eye and invites contemplation.

Following the same material palette as the living and dining areas, the kitchen creates a sense of continuity throughout the residence.

As you step into the master bedroom, your eyes are drawn to the captivating focal point – the bed’s back wall. The lower section boasts intricately carved linear lines, adding texture and depth to the room’s decor.

Above, a finely detailed frame houses embossed art plates in earthy tones, creating a stunning visual contrast. This combination of minimalist design and elegant detailing transforms the master bedroom into a sanctuary of refined beauty, where every moment is a study in serenity and style.

In the children’s room, the focal point is the wall behind the bed, which subtly hints at floral art, infusing the space with a touch of nature.

Soft pastel colours and wooden textures harmonize, creating an environment that’s both soothing and stimulating.

The room opens up to a balcony, inviting the gentle embrace of fresh air and the warm embrace of natural light, fostering an atmosphere where imagination flourishes and dreams take flight.

The exterior of this residence is a masterpiece of modern minimalism. It showcases clean lines and a sleek design that effortlessly blends with its surroundings. One striking feature is the incorporation of two distinct blocks emerging from the building’s facade. These blocks house terrace and balcony.

This residence is a thoughtful architectural design. It marries modernity with nature, creating a space that is not only functional but also a canvas for artistic expression. The unique design elements, such as the mural in the living room, the elegant dining area, the striking staircase, and the functional yet stylish kitchen, all come together to form a harmonious whole. In this residence, every room tells a story, and every corner invite exploration.

Fact File

Designed by: V Shah Design Studio

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: The Morden House

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Year Built: 2021-2023

Duration of the project: 2.5 Years

Plot Area: 2200 Sq.ft

Project Size: 3500 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Viral Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

Products/Materials/Vendors: Wallcovering / Cladding – Granular texture /Construction Materials– RCC / bricks /Lighting– Hybec /Doors and Partitions– Ply + veneer polish finish /Sanitaryware– Jaquar /Windows– System window by streamline aluminum /Furniture –On site made /Flooring– Simpolo tiles /Kitchen –Quartz stone /Paint– Asian paints /Artefacts– Locally collected /Hardware– Yele /hafle kitchen

Firm’s Instagram Link: V Shah Design Studio

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