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In the ever-evolving domain of interior design, certain styles exhibit enduring finesse, captivating us with their timeless allure. Japandi interiors, a rising star in recent years, seamlessly fuses Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality. This exquisite amalgamation crafts a harmonious and serene living space, appealing to the senses and elevating overall well-being with finesse.

Embracing Harmony: The timeless allure of Japandi Interiors | CanvasInc


The entrance storage room has been ingeniously opened up and seamlessly integrated with the entrance foyer, creating an expansive and inviting space. Walnut veneer graces the shoe storage, featuring subtle stud designs on the shutters. The ceiling is tastefully veneered, complemented by a Jute hanging light that not only sets the tone for the Japandi style resonating throughout the home.

Living Dining

The living and dining area boasts rafters finished with veneer, imparting the illusion of joists supporting the house’s roof. A six-seater dining table, adorned with arched paneling, graces the dining area.

The living room’s main wall showcases textured paint, while a Lego-style artwork adds a touch of creativity.

The centerpiece of the living and dining area is the TV wall, exhibiting veneer paneling on the lower half and a handmade Scandinavian rustic groove pattern.

A subtle niche in the wall serves as a planter, enhancing the natural aesthetic.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom exudes tranquility with pastel rust-colored wall tiles and a lively, gray-toned textured wall. A white and veneer-finish wardrobe adds sophistication, while an abundance of natural light enhances the room’s peaceful and serene atmosphere, elevating it to a new level of calm and tranquility.

Guest Bedroom

Staying in harmony with the refined essence of Japandi style, the guest bedroom seamlessly integrates key elements of the style. A dual-textured wardrobe, intricately carved wood artwork, and trunk storage, paired with a bespoke wooden bed back, round out the room’s sophisticated, yet simple and functional ambiance to the overall design.

Den Room

Functioning as a versatile space, the den serves as a home office, reading room, and pooja room. The meticulously designed study unit multitasks as a Mandir, a library, and a home office throughout the day, seamlessly delivering functionality with finesse.

Fact File

Designed by: CanvasInc

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Shibusa Abode

Location: Lodha Belair, Mumbai

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 3 Months

Project Size: 1150 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Bijal Chawda

Photograph Courtesy: Wabi-Sabi Studio

Firm’s Website Link: CanvasInc

Firm’s Instagram Link: CanvasInc

Firm’s Facebook Link: CanvasInc

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