Greeted By An Open Airy Space As You Step Inside The Foyer Area | LSM Architects

At  LSM_Architects designing interior is all about creating functional and sustainable spaces with aesthetics that reflects homeowners personalities. You’re greeted by an airy space as you step inside the foyer area, combining the living area and the kitchen, perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

Greeted By An Open Airy Space As You Step Inside The Foyer Area | LSM ( Light Space Material _Architects)

The living room sets up the tone of house creating balance between neutral tones and veneer panelling. The longer wall with fabric textured wallpaper adds some softness to the space.

foyer area

The white floating ceiling near kitchen area separates yet ties the whole space together.

The open layout offers spectacular views from kitchen itself and the big dinning ledge helps to setup dinning space for family of 4.

The kitchen is designed in dual tone of matte grey and white with modular solution and all modern amenities it is definitely a dream for cooing enthusiast.

foyer area

Upon entering the master bedroom, you’re immediately enveloped in an atmosphere that seamlessly marries modern sophistication with timeless elegance. The colour palette is a harmonious blend of neutral tones, rich textures, and refined accents, creating a serene and inviting ambience.

foyer area

The attention given to detail is evident with brass used as accents in wardrobe handle, light fixture, mirror and dressing table. The design of low bed with recessed legs gives floated effect to it.

The wardrobes door design with sliding folding mechanism supports both aesthetics and functionality.

foyer area

The spine terminates in the son’s bedroom which has palette of grey and textured veneer. The monochrome wallpaper blends with the room palette and the exterior views of array farms.

The veneer panelling forms the spine of the house and ties the whole space together. The Doors are flushed in panelling such that it creates seamless look for the passage. Veneer panelling is complimented by tinted mirror which helps to reflect light and visually doubles the narrow corridor

To add some sense of elegance and class tan leather is used in furniture with greys. The minimalist study table overlooks picturesque array farms.

foyer area

To conclude space is designed to cater to modern tastes while maintaining a warm and comfortable ambiance.

foyer area

Fact File

Designed by: 
LSM ( Light Space Material _Architects)

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: 3604_Mumbai

Location: Oberoi Esquire, Goregaon E Mumbai

Year Built: 2022

Duration of the project: 7 Months

Project Size: 1350 Sq.ft

Principal Architect:  Ar. Jinen shah

Photograph Courtesy: Ar. Sagar Mandal

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – Veneer, Wall Papers, Tinted Mirrors, Paint Finish, Fenix / Lighting – SR Lights, Geo Lights, The golden Triangle / Furniture – Preksha Enterprise / Kitchen – Aakar Kitchen

Firm’s Instagram Link: LSM ( Light Space Material _Architects)

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