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Greige House in Nashik expresses a refined palette and deferential modernism. Beginning with the butter-finished grey tiles, which set the tone from arrival, and arched portals beckoning you into the inviting living area, Greige House unfolds into a warm family home layered in different textures and materials. This 1650 sq. ft apartment was meticulously crafted for a small family unit—a couple and their sons.

Greige House Unfolds Into A Warm Family Home Layered In Different Textures | Ladlab

family home

It enjoys a quiet location on a peaceful lane juxtaposed against a vibrant area with charming cafes, lively movie theatres, and a bustling shopping complex. Central to this design journey was the family’s desire to own a home exuding comfort and spaciousness tailored to their interests while deliberately avoiding market trends.

family home

Living Area

The living area is at the heart of the family home, with the kitchen, dining space, and primary bedroom on one side and the children’s and guest bedroom on the opposite end.

“I added in pale colours, warm woods, concrete texture, pale grey walls and soft, sculptural furniture to achieve a result rich in texture but also understated and quiet,” Saniya says.

family home

“Major replanning was involved in creating an expansive layout, focussing on opening up areas, drawing natural light and views, and maximising storage,” architect Sagar Lohar reveals.

The original layout had four tiny bedrooms and an excess of balconies (four in total), along with a terrace.

A palette of sandstone, natural stones, and teak, as well as soothing tones like beige, oyster, and pale grey, with hints of green, has cultivated a soft, cocoon-like atmosphere that distills natural and ambient light.

Precise matte black and graphite applications have been reinstated through accents in door handles, console knobs, mirror frames, and joinery.

Kitchen And Dining

The kitchen and dining areas reflect the family’s love of entertaining. The client’s desire for a colourful kitchen allowed us to incorporate dusty pink shutters and small, grey-blue dado tiles.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area seamlessly extends from the living space, mirroring its calming, greige hues.

A custom round marble-topped table with a fluted base, olive green dining chairs,  and a grey-tinted bevelled mirror provide a warm feel.

family home

“One bedroom was sacrificed to allow for larger bedrooms and a spacious dining area. The smaller balconies were enclosed and converted into full-length wardrobes, giving the bedrooms an airy feel,” architect Saniya Jejani explains.

family home

Situated in the heart of the home, the terrace connects to the living area, creating a beautiful indoor-outdoor experience.

The primary bedroom was transformed into a suite overlooking a garden and swing by taking down one wall separating it from the terrace.

family home

The family’s love for nature and well-ventilated spaces guided the design. Passages and windows were widened to encourage cross-ventilation.

family home

Handless storage, monochromatic palettes, concealing bulky details (like AC grills), floating beds, and light shears. This allowed the bedrooms to carry a homogenous vibe, resonant with the rest of the house.

family home

Greige House is underpinned by the innate qualities of home – sanctuary, quietude, and sophistication.

Fact File

Designed by: Ladlab

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Principal Designers: Sagar Lohar & Saniya Jejani

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin_Sttudio

Interior Stylist: Saniya Jejani

Text Credit: Ashna Lulla

Website Link of Firm: Ladlab

Instagram Link of Firm: Ladlab

Facebook Link of Firm: Ladlab

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