Janpandi Influences The Bangalore Home With A Traditional Touch | Studio Skapa Architects

Reminiscing the Conceptual Phase, the Designer shares “This project is another feather in our hat when it comes to renovation. As always, our client’s brief is our initial point of inspiration. We aimed to achieve an earthy neutral color scheme that makes the space feel bright yet warm, open yet cozy. Janpandi influences the Bangalore Home with a traditional Touch, something that feels rooted and minimal.”

“The space in question has essentially been flipped inside out and upside down. If you compare the before and after photos, the space is unrecognizable”. She adds.

Janpandi Influences The Bangalore Home With A Traditional Touch | Studio Skapa Architects

Starting with spatial zoning and design, the team eliminated all of the little locations that served as waste yards. They opened up the space between the formal living room, the dining room, and the family room, also entirely opened up the kitchen and modified its orientation, leaving us with a single, functionally huge kitchen that leads into a spacious utility as well. To make the bedrooms feel larger, all of the little balconies were brought within. In order to let in more light, the windows were widened. Walls were knocked down, new walls were created where it was needed, and the previous house’s floor layout was essentially altered.

Bangalore Home

Living Room

A formal living space becomes one’s pre-eminent encounter in this beautiful home. Keeping the language neutral and earthy is the aim of the living room. A beautiful organically shaped centre table of marble and wood sits on a jute rug, adding to the earthiness of the space, along with comfortable sofa seating of off white fabric from Dalte Modern.

Upon entering, you will see a sleek console made by Dalte Modern which can be used to store keys, magazines, and other small knick-knacks. Paint in the color “morning glory” enhances the brightness of the space and perfectly balances the wooden cladding that adorns the wall opposite the kitchen entrance. An ephemeral concrete and jute pendent lamp hangs in one corner, while plants are dotted throughout. A beautiful curio rests on the side table of the room, a bird made from broken mosaic pieces that sits perfectly in this calm setting and serves as a reminder of the importance of putting broken pieces together to create something beautiful.

Bangalore Home

“This is a piece that I saw at the client’s place and fell in love with at first sight. As the idea was to get rid of everything they had hoarded, we specifically asked the client to hold onto this beautiful piece as we knew it would fit perfectly in the new vision we had for the space”. Charita exclaimed in delight. The doors to each room were Solid wood carved doors and hence the Architect decided to retain them as room doors and paint it white, which creates a beautiful juxtaposition with the otherwise minimal wood work.

The formal living peeks at the dining space through a Smart partition that divides the living room from the dining room to offer some privacy. Rotatable wood and rattan partitions on brass rods functioning as pivots enable the user to choose the partition’s angle, and they make such an unique and fun accent that elevates the beauty of the living space. A lovely tale revolves around the dinner table, personally designed and crafted by our client’s late Father. Charita rejoiced.

Bangalore Home

Dining Room

A dining table with an octagonal shape that has been redesigned with an increase in height, a fresh veneer and polish to the base, and a layer of quartz on top with the most efficient lazy Suzie top. Ordered to match the table were dining chairs from Escape Creativity with a base made of Indian red cloth. An enormous mirror mounted on the wall gives the room depth. Above the core of the table, an exquisite statement-making bamboo chandelier hangs.

The dining space is linked to an open-plan lounge. Simple and relaxing seating in a fabric that is reminiscent of the red of the dining chairs. A television wall with an elegant floating console for additional shelving. Comfy armchairs and a chic side table. The family lounge’s windows have been enlarged to let in more light, and the gorgeous, delicate, and lovely drapes give the space a finished visual appeal. A wood and glass bifold window installed behind the 3-seater sofa offers the family room and kitchen an effortless connection.


The kitchen essentially acts as the hearth of the home, visually connected to the living, dining and the family lounge. The kitchen went through a major transformation. A huge, practical kitchen with plenty of storage was created out of what was formerly a small, crowded kitchen. “The optimal plan for the kitchen was really difficult to achieve since we had to work around the pre-existing columns”. Says Charita.

Bangalore Home

Rajashree Kamath, who enjoys cooking, gets to engage in the activities taking place in the rest of the home simply by having the hob mounted on an island counter, which also adheres to vaastu principles. All the kitchenware is tucked away in spacious storage and a rolling shutter, and the washbasin faces the window. The bifold window is mounted on a counter overlooking the family room.

To make it simpler for the client to use, the column is made use of by creating ledges where common spices may be stored. On the right side, a pantry corner is also assembled. The kitchen is well-organized and simple to use. Natural teak laminate for the bottom shutters and a white laminate for the scant number of top shutters that are present, while keeping in mind the neutral motif were the choice of finishes. The kitchen seamlessly connects to a spacious, well-lit, and highly useful utility space.

Study Space

“The study is also one of our personal favourite spaces in the house, muted and subtle yet oozing with character. Here, a lot of civic modifications were implemented.

Bangalore Home

The study was next to a lengthy corridor that was closed off; we knocked down the wall and opened the room up to the corridor so that it would seem more like a part of the house and allow more light to enter. It also had a balcony, which we gained access to by tearing down a wall, creating a roomy, capacious study. We built sliding glass doors to the corridor and placed a cosy sofa/bed next to it.”. She adds.

A massive indoor plant brings vitality to the area and contrasts beautifully with an exquisite, earthy-light mud-toned wall. This wall also serves as a gallery wall for the client’s father’s hand sketches. A modern and stylish puja unit with teak wood shutters and geometric CNC cutting resulting in an elegant pattern on the shutters that allows for ventilation has been created next to the sofa, towards the study. Below are storage drawers with exquisitely crafted brass handles. The study table with side storage is adjacent to the window, which provides enough light.

Master Bedroom

The corridor along the Study leads to the magnificent Master Bedroom. The balcony was brought within, and the window sizes were increased to make the master bedroom more spacious and light-filled. The wall behind the headboard of the bed has a refreshing cream tone that gives it a smooth feel.

Bangalore Home

King-size beds with storage designed with Duco and Teak veneer harmonize with bespoke side tables and closets. Concrete pendent lights from purple turtles suspended on either side of the bed above the side tables, giving the room a slightly raw character.

Bangalore Home

Floral bedding in neutral colours illuminates the room. A sleek dressing table with an enormous circular mirror is located in the corner.

Guest Bedroom 1

The Guest rooms are exquisitely designed too. The Guest room 1 breaks away from the muted tones and adds a bit of colour. Oak laminate wardrobes combined with a pastel green wall.

Bangalore Home

The padding on the headboard is made of jade green fabric. Above the bed, tropical art prints hang, and the room is finished with drapes that complement the greens.

Guest Bedroom 2

As for the Guest bedroom 2, this space is airy and pleasant, with a pastel earthy peach colour palette. By extending the balcony into the room and by installing end-to-end windows, the space was extended. With lovely off-white curtains, a chic study table and baggage stand are positioned next to the window.

Bangalore Home

The room is further adorned by geometric art prints that are hung above the bed, which is assembled of teak wood and cane and looks sleek and sophisticated. The wardrobes’ oak finish makes the space bright and spacious.


“All bathrooms were completely renovated. Easily some of the smallest bathrooms we have worked on made it much more challenging. Earthy neutral shades and wooden tiles are used in combination with textured tiles, keeping the space light and simple yet giving it character”. Charita explains.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Skapa Architects

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Rooted Japandi Home

Location: Bangalore

Year Built: June 2023

Duration of the project: 6 Months

Built-up Area: 2,000 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Charita Kishore Rupa

Team Design Credits: Gagana shyle, Paneri Gandhi & Anna

Photograph Courtesy: Nayan soni

Text Credit: Pooja Kannan

Products / Materials / Vendors: Wallcovering / Cladding – Wooden cladding / Construction Materials – Teak wood, quartz, Rattan, Brass, Glass, Teak wood veneer and laminates / Lighting – Earthy pendant light, Concrete and jute pendant lights, Bamboo woven chandelier / Doors and Partitions – Rotatable wood and rattan partitions on brass rods, we retained the carved solid wood doors and painted them matt white / Windows – Wooden and Glass / Furniture – Wooden furniture with fabric upholstery / Flooring – Kajaria tiles / Kitchen – Zenia Kitchen / Hardware – Parmanandh

Firm’s Website Link: Studio Skapa Architects

Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Skapa Architects

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