Naturally minimal: A tropical villa rooted in earthy essence | Yuuga Designs

Shivam happened in 7.5 cent plot at Malappuram. the plot is situated near to an old illam (traditional Kerala mansion) and an old temple. When we visit the plot, we like the area and the first visual comes in the mind was a minimalistic, rustic and tropical villa with traditional Kerala material like mud brick facades, terracotta roofing with wooden openings. But unfortunately, clients have exact opposite requirement and ideas for their home.

Naturally minimal: A tropical villa rooted in earthy essence | Yuuga Designs

They want a very modern outlook with flat roof and white walls. They are very open to interior ideas but only with large living and common areas. As per client requirement they need at least 60% of the build up area for the living spaces, and 3 bedrooms and other usual requirements with maximum ventilation and an elegant interior.

So, we decided to combine our initial thoughts and client’s ideas together to make a home with modern exterior that blend with traditional inspired interiors but in all the details we try to keep it minimal.

When we design a contemporary flat roofed building in Kerala the main challenge was the climate in Kerala, we have monsoon that exceeds almost over 6 months and now a days at summer the heat will rise up to 42*. So, if we build with locally sourced material like laterite and concrete slabs, there’s always chance for leakage issues and high heat in indoor spaces.

so we designed our exterior in a two layered roofing system. The first layer was casted in concrete slabs and a second layer with sandwich sheets. This help to prevent high heat in summer seasons also water issues in monsoon and also helps to give a modern outlook to exterior. 

In interior, our team always like to do something that connected to the traditional homes in Kerala. So, we choose the furniture styling from our traditions.

The mix of black stone flooring, and concrete finishes whiter walls with wooden furniture give a character to the large open living areas that connected to green landscapes and courtyard like prayer space.

From the open sit out, that opened to the small lush greened landscape, we entering to a formal living room that connected to dining, formal living, prayer space and the open kitchen.

Even though it is a below 1600 sqft ground floor, this large living areas with maximum ventilation and double height give a spacious feel to the house.

For get this space we arrange 2 out of 3 beds in first floor and one master and just one master bedroom in ground floor. This master bed situated near to kitchen and an internal courtyard with greenery.

This greenyard gives special feel to this bed room. First floor and ground floor are connected with double light roof and that helps to provide a connection throughout the home.

If we choose a space that we like most, it will be the prayer space. This space have views from all around the home including bed rooms. The greenery and the Zen feel in this space help to keep the home always positive and fresh.

We had only one thought trough out designing process was we want to satisfy our clients with a modern outlook but never want to lose our first vision we had in our first visit.

So, the design concept of Shivam is ‘how to blend perfectly a traditional interior in a modern home’. For that we kept out material palate very minimal with only two base this color palate helps as to highlight the wooden furniture.

As a residence architecture firm, we always like to design spaces that give positive feelings to our clients. The same we try to do in Shivam also. We hope we done it.

Fact File

Designed by: Yuuga Designs

Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

Project Name: Shivam

Location: Malappuram, Kerala

Plot Area: 7.5 Cents

Built-up Area: 2600 Sq.ft

Principle Architect: Mithun Balan & Arun N V

Team Design Credits: Arun N V, Vijith & Nivin

Photograph Courtesy: spacesbysanjay

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes: Asian paints, Berger, Suzuka / Construction Materials: Ultra tech kaivali / Lighting: Ace, Luker / Sanitary ware: Jaquar / Windows: Fenestra / Furniture: Y dot Interiors / Flooring: Kajaria / Kitchen: Y dot Interiors / Paint: Asian paints / Hardware: Hafele & Hettich

Firm’s Instagram Link: Yuuga Designs

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