The Prestige Group office space is elegant without being disturbingly loud. When radically aspirational real estate developers meet articulate-minded architectural designers to design their office, it brings forth the genesis of contemporary design solutions demonstrating a refreshing take on office design. One such instance is the Prestige Group’s Mumbai office by lyth design. Over the last decade, the Prestige Group has established itself as one of the pioneers of real estate development in India. At the onset of January 2022, they made an undisputed decision to land their falcon brand in Mumbai. The clients had a severely straightforward brief.

Prestige Group Office Is Elegant Without Being Disturbingly Loud | lyth Design

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Reception Desk

Spanning across 15,000 sqft, the site is within Godrej BKC with a multitude of edifices encompassing the office such as the Jio World Convention Centre, US Consulate General and Canara Bank Treasury Wing. Apoorva Shroff, founder of lyth design, skillfully made use of informal materials like exposed bricks, reinforcement bars and cement finishes which embody the essence of the act of building, and adeptly gave them a formal and elegant identity.

prestige group

Anchored by a theme of parallels, the aesthetic and structural route chosen for the reception was one with a veneer backdrop and metal pinstripes seemingly pulled from the office space.

prestige group

The visitors are met with two wide conduits of corridors abutting the reception, one which is access controlled and leads to the internal private spaces, while the other segues into the visitor lounges and is embellished by copper medallions that beautifully narrate the story of Prestige’s legacy, ultimately culminating into a glorious Ficus tree.

prestige group

This concept of fine lines provides controlled fluidity as it parametrically curves and forms the top of the reception desk, leading to an interesting weave of vertical and horizontal lines. The cold grey marble flooring is offsetted by the warmth of plant-adorned walls, thus humanising the office atmosphere.

Open Workstations

The main office area has open workstations with cabins lining against the external exposed brick facade, which permeates into the narrative voiced by the client. However, a clever break in the same encourages the penetration of the west sun all the way across into the darkest of the office corners. The perfect ancillary to this area is a reinforcement bar wall assembly, creeping with resplendent money plants which ultimately forms a gentle demarcation to the workstations. An attempt is made to create a nuanced balance with the introduction of supplementary potted plants to subdue the mightiness of two hefty columns falling within the office space.

prestige group

Following her reliable thumb rule strategy for planning offices, the external meeting rooms, visitor lounges, boardroom and public restrooms had a well-pronounced distinction from the private office spaces. The open floor plan and colossal high ceilings make way to script an impactful design that reflects Prestige’s brand ethos.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are identified with various falcon names; for instance, we have the Peregrine boardroom, which is a twenty-seater. In keeping with the design intent of stripes, the boardroom follows suit with a formal matte black fluted wall cladding. These crisp lines are broken by a laser-cut veneer interpretation of a falcon, demanding singular attention. The room is infused with elements of luxury while underlining the importance of a clean design.

prestige group

The mighty marble table and the pinstriped background wall rub shoulders with the bronze-finish oval hanging light, bearing grace of supreme grandeur. To top it off, this exclusivity is accompanied by equally impressive technology to attain privacy with the press of a button that results in frosting up the smart glass partitions. Concrete light loops, acoustic ceiling panels and switchable glass partitions are the common threads linking all the other falcon meeting rooms. A strip of metal around the edges of each wooden table top becomes a common denominator for the grey visual expression flowing through these rooms.

Visitor Lounge

Conversely, the visitor lounges are much softer and laden with curvilinear forms in its walls, ceiling and furniture details, thus creating an intimate setting. With a warm wooden finish encasing three sides, a fiddle leaf fig plant sits deftly in the corner, enhancing the thrall of the space while being a comfortable silent participant in conversations.

prestige group

The design of the office at large bears the weight of the client’s ideologies and the designer’s creative expressions. It poses to be a perfect medley of mindful circulation emulsified with a structured thought-footprint. At the same time, it has the potential of making one’s workday as exuberant as the space they are inhabiting. The utilisation of the material-merits that the business represents begets the fabrication of an atypical workspace,. Thus, it forges a truly honest statement in every aspect.

prestige group

Tiffin Room

Providing a changing canvas in the tiffin room is in sync with its innate informality. It also adorns an aesthetic of a vivacious tile flooring alongside a green wall that strongly evokes casual conversations. A metal island assumes a central place and functionally serves all requirements of a congregatory cafeteria.

prestige group

Fact File

Designed by:
lyth Design

Project Type: Office Interior Design

Project Name: Prestige Group Office

Location: BKC, Mumbai, India

Year Built: 2022

Duration of the project: 16th June 2022 – 28th November 2022

Plot Area: 19000 Sq.ft

Built-up Area: 11000 Sq.ft

Project Size: 12000 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Ar. Apoorva Shroff

Design Credit: Mr. Param Gala

Photograph Courtesy: Sagar Mandal

Products/Materials/Vendors: Lighting -Illuminate Lighting , Aura / Sanitaryware -Kohler, Gessi, Laufen / Furniture -Chairs -Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth / Modular– Space Management, Craft Modular Systems Pvt. Ltd. / Flooring -Interface, Quality Marble / Paint -Asian Paints / Artefacts–Artist Neeraj

Consultants for the Project: Landscape Architects -JKD Hortitech / MEP & HVAC Consultants -MEP Consulting Engineers

Firm’s Website Link: lyth Design

The Firm’s Instagram Link: lyth Design

Firm’s Facebook Link: lyth Design

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