Shades of deep blue bold the surfaces of this graphic design studio | Karya Design Studio

As we embark on the journey of redesigning The Design Shop’s office, specializing in graphic design, our mission is to craft a space that not only embodies the owner’s visionary spirit but also serves as a vibrant and functional canvas for creativity. With a floor space of 520 sq. ft., this graphic design studio seamlessly integrates aesthetics with functionality, creating an inspiring environment where design innovation can thrive.

Shades of deep blue bold the surfaces of this graphic design studio | Karya Design Studio

The Design Shop, led by a dynamic entrepreneur immersed in the world of graphic design, is a hub for visual creativity. The owner envisions an office that not only reflects the company’s design ethos but also nurtures a conducive atmosphere for ideation, collaboration, and efficient workflow.

Prioritize functionality in every aspect of the office design, ensuring workstations are equipped with specialized features for graphic design tools and equipment. Customize storage solutions to accommodate various design materials, from sketchbooks to digital tablets.

Develop a color theme that exudes coziness while incorporating an industrial touch with a cement texture. Utilize a soothing blue pestle color to complement the warmth, creating a balanced and visually appealing ambiance. Infuse graphic design elements into the overall aesthetic, showcasing the owner’s creativity throughout the office space.

Use custom graphics, typography, and visual motifs that reflect the essence of The Design Shop’s graphic design prowess. Pay meticulous attention to the details of workspaces, integrating cable management solutions, ergonomic furniture, and ample lighting for precision and comfort during design work.

Design collaborative zones within the office that encourage spontaneous brainstorming sessions and idea-sharing among the graphic design team. Provide flexible furniture arrangements to facilitate both individual focus and collaborative efforts.

Craft a welcoming reception area that serves as a visual introduction to The Design Shop’s graphic design prowess. Develop a dedicated graphic design studio as the creative epicenter, incorporating adjustable workstations, high-quality monitors, and a layout that promotes seamless communication among team members.

Timeline and Budget

The estimated timeline for this transformative project is eight weeks, encompassing design development, client approvals, and construction. The budget will be allocated for high-quality, durable materials, specialized graphic design furniture, and unique design elements that align with The Design Shop’s brand and the owner’s vision.


This project is an exciting opportunity to create a haven for graphic design innovation within The Design Shop’s office. By merging functionality with aesthetics, we aim to not only meet the practical needs of graphic designers but also inspire a heightened level of creativity and collaboration. Here’s to crafting a space where every stroke and pixel tell a story of graphic design excellence!

Fact File

Designed by: Karya Design Studio

Project type: Office Interior Design

Project Name: The Design Shop

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 4 Months

Location: Golden Square, Bharuch, Gujarat

Project Size: 550 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Dhruv Mehta

Design Credits: Shivani Modi

Photography Courtesy: Vishwas Films

Client Name: Mr. Sagar Sinojia, The Design Shop, Bharuch

Firm’s Website Link: Karya Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Karya Design Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: Karya Design Studio

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