One of the most crucial choices to make when selecting fitted wardrobe doors is whether to choose sliding or hinged doors. Not only are fitted wardrobe doors a useful addition to a bedroom, but they also considerably raise the space’s aesthetic appeal. Making an informed choice requires having a thorough awareness of the pros and cons of sliding and hinged wardrobe doors. 

Sliding Fitted Wardrobe Doors


1. Space-saving design. Smaller spaces are ideal for sliding wardrobe doors since they don’t need as much area to swing open as hinged doors do. This makes it possible to organize the given area more effectively.

2. Sleek and contemporary appearance. Sliding doors provide a contemporary style that adds a touch of refinement to any bedroom. They give the area a sleek, refined look that gives it a fashionable, airy feel.

3. The complete wardrobe is easily accessible. Sliding doors allow you to see and access every item in your wardrobe at once. It will be simpler to locate and arrange your apparel and accessories as a result.


1. Limited access to one side at a time. Only one of the wardrobe’s sliding doors can be opened at a time. If you wish to choose clothes while having a complete view of your closet or if you need to access multiple items at once, this can be annoying.

2. Potential for track maintenance and repairs. These doors need special care. Your doors will eventually begin to slide not so effortlessly and smoothly and you will constantly have to carry out maintenance of the sliding doors.

3. Higher cost compared to hinged doors. Thanks to their intricate mechanism and streamlined form, sliding wardrobe doors are typically more expensive than hinged doors. Nevertheless, prices can differ based on the materials utilized and customisation choices made.

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe Doors


1. Full access to the wardrobe at once. You can open the entire wardrobe at once with hinged fitted wardrobe doors, making it simple and practical to reach all of your clothing and valuables. This makes it easy to organize and locate stuff fast.

2. Easier installation and maintenance. Comparing sliding doors to hinged fitted wardrobe doors, the installation process is typically simpler. The installation process is usually quicker and easier with them because they frequently have simple instructions and require fewer components. The doors can also be simply removed if necessary, making maintenance and repairs simpler in general.

3. Lower cost compared to sliding doors. Comparatively speaking, sliding doors are more expensive than hinged fitted wardrobe doors. They are a more affordable choice for people wishing to modernize their wardrobes because of the ease of their design and installation procedure, which frequently translates in lower manufacture and installation expenses.


1. Require extra space for door swing. Fitted wardrobe doors with hinges need room to swing open, unlike sliding doors, which don’t need extra space to open. In small rooms or confined spaces, this can prevent furniture installation or obstruct pathways.

2. Traditional appearance might not complement contemporary design. Fitted wardrobe doors with hinges provide a more traditional appearance in contrast to sliding doors, which are sleek and contemporary. If you like a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, the traditional hinged door design might not go with it.

3. Might not be appropriate for small, cramped spaces. Due to their swinging action, hinged fitted wardrobe doors might not be the best choice for small homes with restricted space. The doors must have room to fully open, which might be difficult if the area is already small. In this situation, sliding doors or alternative storage solutions can be more suitable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

  1. Consider the room’s measurements. Make sure there is enough room for comfortable movement and that the place’s design makes it usable.
  2. Personal preferences and tastes. Take into account both your personal preferences and the general aesthetic you want to achieve in the room. Consider elements like color schemes, furniture designs, and decorative accessories that are in accordance with your preferences to create a space that reflects your unique style.
  3. Financial limitations. Set a budget for the lodging and be realistic about your financial capabilities. Consider the cost of the furnishings, extras, and any necessary repairs or modifications. It’s essential to create and follow a budget in order to avoid overspending.
  4. Quality of the doors. Try choosing only fitted doors made from high-quality materials and measured by professionals from, as such doors will surely serve you a long time and will fit your closet perfectly.
  5. Maintenance requirements. Take into account how much maintenance the various materials and finishes you plan to use in the space require. Consider factors like upkeep, durability, and lifetime. Choose building materials that are quick and easy to maintain, complement your lifestyle, and require little upkeep.


Both fitted sliding and fitted hinged wardrobe doors have benefits and drawbacks. Sliding doors can efficiently save space and provide a sleek, modern appearance. Additionally, they offer instant access to the entire wardrobe. To keep them in good operating order, they may require continuous care and be more expensive.

On the other hand, hinged doors are more affordable and offer more design options. They may be customized to fit any style and are often easier to fix if they break. However, they do require more space to open and close, so smaller areas might not be ideal.

In the end, whether you select sliding or hinged fitted wardrobe doors will depend on your own preferences and the specific needs of your area. Consider factors like the amount of area available, your budget, the amount of maintenance required, and overall beauty when making a decision that best suits your needs.

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