The existing outhouse structure is transformed into an exhibition space. It is a space where one can host exhibitions, design workshops, fashion pop-up shows, and Sunday brunches. At the same time, it also serves as an office.

The Existing Outhouse Structure Is Transformed Into An Exhibition Space | Square

exhibition space

The vision behind developing this experience centre was to capture the vibe of the target demographic, comprising a sophisticated, well-travelled, and urban generation. The design reflects international standards of design, tone, and fashion in the heart of the city.

The idea was to blend the rich heritage of the past with the contemporary lifestyle of millennials. Although there is often a perceived gap between generations and preferences, Indian societies are an extension of traditions that can adapt to the present world. In terms of architecture, the theme revolves around reinventing and reusing spaces.

exhibition space

It is the combination of a century-old colonial building, lush greenery, and a modern minimalist vibe—a unique fusion of tradition and modernity—that always appeals to us.

The old structure comes with its challenges. It was a dilapidated structure with major concerns regarding dampness and seepage.

exhibition space

We aimed to retain the existing character, which meant avoiding cladding and rework the plaster finishing, cornices, and moldings.

The building requires air-conditioning. We also had to provide glazing while ensuring it did not interfere with the overall facade.

We wanted to retain the exterior flavor of the building and keep the facade, stripped the plasters, and preserved the old doors and windows.

exhibition space

The existing rooms become galleries, waiting lobbies, and meeting rooms and utilized the veranda for informal seating and an open café.

As modern interventions, we introduced bright Italian red marble in the lobby and a metal mesh portico at the entrance.

exhibition space

We selected an old, dilapidated outhouse that was on the brink of demolition. The structure was preserved, its usage was altered, and a modern flavor was added, completely transforming the appearance and atmosphere of the building and its surroundings.

exhibition space

It is now not only as the sales office but also for other events and activities that highlight the rich cultural and architectural legacy of Kolkata.

exhibition space

The renovated outhouse provides a framework for revamping many such beautiful structures that adorn the city without incurring excessive cost and effort..

exhibition space

Fact File

Designed by: Square

Project Type: Commercial Architecture Design

Project Name: Niavara Experience Centre

Location: Kolkata

Year Built: 2023

Built-up Area: 3229 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Ranit Maiti & Subhrajit Gmitra

Team Design Credits: Vasudha Chandel & Tanisha Sengupta

Project Lead: Bidisha Kar

Photograph Courtesy: studio suryan//dang


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