We turned limitation into an opportunity by using deep beams to play different levels in the ceiling design. Thus, it was not so easy to turn a tiny apartment with compact and small rooms into a spacious apartment. Our choice of colour was such that the low floor height started giving feelings of togetherness. As a result, a 150 sq. ft. of small living space turned into 270 sq. ft.

Using Deep Beams To Play Different Levels In The Ceiling Design | Golden Bricks                                                               

The client wanted to renovate and merge two apartments into one. But they were expecting this apartment to be theirs, not a permanent house. They were planning to stay here for as little time as possible. For some obvious reasons. Firstly, the construction is quite old. Secondly, the floor height is quite low. Thirdly, the rooms were really small. But we told them that after renovation, they would never want to go somewhere else.

deep beams

A living room is a place that showcases creativity and aesthetics by experimenting with colour palettes, layers of texture, and patterns, along with an array of furniture layouts. Find your comfort with this large, C-shaped sectional, whether you are working from home, watching TV, or reading your favourite book. Featuring ultra-soft corduroy upholstery, medium-firm large seating, and a large square arm, this gorgeous masterpiece will be the focal point of your living room.

deep beams

The living space is set in soft olive shades. The softness is balanced by the dark tones of a backlit entertainment unit. Standing across the room from the couches, it comprises a TV and shelves displaying the family’s collection of art.

We designed this unique pooja during the Diwali festival, when the home is filled with the smell of sweets, lamps, and the warmth of loved ones. Frequently, people struggle to make the change from a traditional mandir design to a modern living space. 

deep beams

So, we present to you a wonderful mandir design that is an ideal pooja room, whether you’re a modest minimalist who finds clarity and tranquility in simple decor with clean lines or someone who wants to use the limited space in their home maximally. 

deep beams

deep beams

I want to share with you a fragment of the relaxation area from the master bedroom. The careful selection of elements in this bedroom creates a harmonious blend of simplicity and elegance.

deep beams

And since your bedroom is where you go to rest and decompress, it should definitely be designed to help you do just that.

deep beams

And now, look at this, in my opinion, the ideal combination of simple shapes, material and light. This master bedroom designed by Golden Bricks is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort, with every detail carefully chosen to create a relaxing atmosphere.

deep beams

Vibrant and playful kid’s bedroom designs that radiate energy and creativity. With a customized bedroom design, you can incorporate unique storage options that fit your kid’s needs.

From colorful shelves to fun and playful lockers, create personalized storage for your kids that will excite them to keep their belongings accessible and organized! Adding a bright and bold color to the room can completely transform the energy and atmosphere of the space and keep your kids inspired.                 

deep beams

Client: “We remember how our apartment looked before !!and today, we are so amazed with the final output. We never imagined that those small two apartments could merge like this. Those tiny two halls and small rooms can turn into such a spacious Living space and beautiful bedrooms.”

deep beams

Fact File

Designed by:
Golden Bricks

Project Type: Apartment Interior Design

Project Name: Pitru Chhaya

Location: Songhath, Vyara, Gujarat

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 14 Months

Project Size: 2400 Sq. ft

Project Cost: 65 lakhs

Principal Designer: Naishadh Pancholi

Photograph Courtesy: Krishna Studio

Firm’s Website Link: Golden Bricks

Firm’s Instagram Link: Golden Bricks

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