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Striking a delicate balance between a potentially monotonous all white palette and an overly theatrical wedding theme, we proposed an innovative concept: an all white interior design with tasteful bursts of earthy Indian wedding colors. This approach promises to create a captivating, professional, and subtly evocative workspace that embodies the spirit of weddings without veering into excessive extravagance.

Our client, a team of professional wedding photographers led by Vivek Krishnan, wanted a substantial office space that could house their 30+ employees whilst showcasing their aesthetics to their clients. Having previously operated from two to three basic office spaces without any interior design, Vivek now recognized the need for a well-designed workspace as he transitioned to his fourth office.

White Interior Design With Tasteful Bursts of Indian Wedding Colors | The Auburn Studio

white interior design

Initially, he envisioned an all white ambience teeming with lush greenery. However, our collaborative discussions led us to explore the possibility of infusing the office with a wedding-themed aesthetic that would reflect the essence of their wedding photography business.

The Site:

Originally an apartment-turned-commercial building, the site presented us with a unique canvas for the design transformation. The landlord had cleared the interior walls, leaving us with an open canvas bathed in generous natural light. The journey within the site begins with a welcoming sit-out area, awash with sunlight, which gracefully transitions into the main workspace. Additionally, a corridor leads to the terrace, adding another dimension to the space’s potential. In our quest to maximize both the available space and natural light, we opted to dismantle the existing walls, unifying the layout into one expansive area.

white interior design

Our thoughtful zoning approach demarcated the site into distinct sections. The initial sit-out area was repurposed as the informal workspace, designed to encourage collaboration and informal interactions. The remainder of the space was dedicated to the formal workstations, fostering a professional atmosphere. To strategically oversee the workspaces, we positioned the conference room and the managing director’s cabin, offering them commanding views and accessibility while maintaining a harmonious layout that maximizes the site’s potential.

white interior design

The Design Intent: Subtle Marriage of All-White and Earthy Indian Wedding Colors

The design intent for Vivek Krishnan’s Wedding Photography Company office was meticulously crafted with a focus on creating a professional and inviting workspace. Our foremost objective was to imbue the office with a sense of brightness and spaciousness, recognizing the profound impact this can have on the overall work environment. In light of this, we carefully planned the office layout, seamlessly integrating formal and informal seating arrangements to cater to the diverse needs of the team. Given the creative nature of the work undertaken within the space, we were keen on providing ample collaborative areas to facilitate idea sharing and teamwork.

white interior design

To evoke a sense of calm and serenity, the predominant color scheme revolves around a clean and crisp white palette, elegantly intertwined with verdant green accents. The office was thoughtfully divided into two distinct zones: the formal workstation area, where wooden flooring and white tables create a professional setting, and the informal workstation area, characterized by white flooring punctuated with colorful carpets for a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere. Our design intent ultimately aspires to provide a professional, yet vibrant workspace that inspires productivity, fosters collaboration, and encapsulates a soothing ambiance conducive to creative endeavors.

white interior design

The Material Palette:

In crafting the material palette for Vivek Krishnan Photography’s office, we drew inspiration from the soothing aesthetics of Scandinavian design. The core color scheme revolves around pristine white, creating a clean and airy foundation that imparts a sense of freshness and spaciousness. To infuse warmth and elegance into the space, we introduced light wood accents, establishing a harmonious connection to nature while enhancing the overall ambiance.

white interior design

To pay homage to the rich and earthy Indian wedding tones, we thoughtfully incorporated bursts of vibrant colors throughout the design. These touches of Indian hues serve as captivating focal points, adding depth and character to the predominantly white canvas.

Furthermore, the infusion of indoor landscaping elements not only contributes to the overall aesthetics but also introduces a breath of life and serenity into the workspace. This blend of materials and colors creates a dynamic contrast that underscores the elegance of Scandinavian design while celebrating the vibrant spirit of Indian weddings, ultimately resulting in a harmonious and visually captivating interior.

The Highlights:

Within the informal space of the office, we’ve orchestrated several design elements that stand out as captivating highlights. One such feature is the innovative curved ledge adorned with planters, effectively merging the natural world with the indoor environment. This addition not only infuses the space with an organic, calming atmosphere but also offers an inviting area for relaxation and creativity

white interior design

To complement the graceful curves of this space, we’ve introduced custom-made furniture that seamlessly follows the same design language. The true visual dynamism of the informal area comes to life with the introduction of circular rugs that serve as delightful pops of color against the predominantly white backdrop. These rugs, coupled with the harmonious combination of monotonous furniture, create a vivid and inviting atmosphere that makes the informal workspace a true highlight of the office.

Fact File

Design by: The Auburn Studio

Project Type: Office Interior Design

Project Name: VKP Office

Project Size: 3200 Sq.ft

Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Principal Architect: Sushmitha Ramesh

Photograph Courtesy: Yash R Jain

Client: Vivek Krishnan

Business: Wedding Photography

Firm’s Website Link: The Auburn Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: The Auburn Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: The Auburn Studio

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