Why Your Brand Strategy is Essential to Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing strategies fail when they’re not aligned with your brand.  Picture this: a cardiac center that prioritizes personalized care and leading-edge technology. This brand champions expertise, compassion, and patient empowerment. What would happen if the marketing department of this brand launched a social media campaign featuring younger hospital staff doing a trendy dance? Imagine […]

Healthy Homemade Chocolate Recipe

If there’s one guilty pleasure all moms enjoy, it’s chocolate! Thankfully there’s a way to justify indulging a little because chocolate (like wine) has some fantastic health benefits. The key is to choose quality chocolate from the right sources … or make your own homemade chocolate recipe. It’s quick and easy and you have total […]

Justice Sambare, Justice Mrs Gauri Godse, Judge Srinivas Agarwal, and Judge Anirudha Pratinidhi inaugurate Annexe Palghar Court -World News Network

New Delhi (India), January 23: The Inauguration ceremony of the newly extended court building at Palghar was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Justice Shri Nitin Sambare of the High Court, Bombay, Hon’ble Justice Mrs Gauri Godse of the High Court, Mumbai, Srinivas Agarwal, Principal District and Sessions Judge, Thane, Anirudha Pratinidhi District Judge and Addl Session […]

Khayaal Becomes Coherent With Site Through Adaptive Design | 7th Hue Architecture Studio

“Khayaal” is a romantic poetry that allows freedom of expression, which is exactly how the design grew to fruition. Humble yet headstrong, Khayaal stands proud amidst lush green landscape, much like a poem waiting to be read. It lends itself to a tropical contemporary style of architecture, imparting more livable spaces with ample natural light […]

Crack Chicken Chili

Creamy crack chicken chili is an explosion of irresistible flavors! It’s loaded with shredded chicken, tender beans, corn, AND all your favorite crack-inspired ingredients. This is our new favorite chili recipe and we can’t get enough of it! Any crack chicken recipe is just too good! You can’t go wrong with the combination of chicken […]

The Master Plan of Ayodhya City | C. P. Kukreja Architects

Master Plan of Ayodhya City aims to reimagine cultural heritage through sustainable development and technological integration. It will set an example for the New Modern India. 18.01.2024, New Delhi: Ayodhya city unfolds an ancient narrative where history breathes through intricately woven threads of diverse cultures and timeless traditions. As the culture reverberates through its streets, […]

White Interior Design With Tasteful Bursts of Indian Wedding Colors | The Auburn Studio

Striking a delicate balance between a potentially monotonous all white palette and an overly theatrical wedding theme, we proposed an innovative concept: an all white interior design with tasteful bursts of earthy Indian wedding colors. This approach promises to create a captivating, professional, and subtly evocative workspace that embodies the spirit of weddings without veering […]

A Computational Design Scalene Faceted Flat Foldable Origami Shelves | Oris Architects

The challenge was to design a 3,000 sq.ft space amidst the clients’ manufacturing unit in Bangalore’s industrial area, that would aesthetically highlight their manufactured products. Origami tessellations folded from a given planar pattern into a three-dimensional form with specific geometric properties, enabled us to develop a computational design scalene-faceted flat-foldable origami shelves. A concept of […]

734: Help for TBIs and Cognitive Decline with Dr. Patrick Porter

I interviewed Dr. Patrick Porter for the podcast yesterday and we’re back for part two. In case you’re not familiar with his work, Dr. Porter is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. His work has been featured in places like The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, NBC, and the Discovery Channel. And he’s a pioneer […]

Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities: JITO Delivers on its Promise in 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 23: Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO), a global community of visionary Jain entrepreneurs, professionals, and philanthropists, has concluded a remarkable year of impactful initiatives and groundbreaking events, setting the stage for an even more ambitious 2024. Driven by its core objectives of Economic empowerment, Seva and Knowledge, JITO has left an […]