A 1140 sq. ft. Home Transforms into a Wabi Sabi Interior With a Touch of Luxury | UP & UP Studio

A 1140 sq ft home transforms into a wabi sabi interior with a touch of luxury in the vibrant streets of Mumbai, where serenity seems a distant dream amidst the constant hustle and bustle. Pranjal Shah, designer of UP and UP Studio, embraces an innovative challenge, where conversations flow like the river and silence finds its space.

A 1140 sq. ft. Home Transforms into a Wabi Sabi Interior With a Touch of Luxury | UP & UP Studio

Illustrating inspiration from the profound philosophy of wabi-sabi Lux, this specific residence embodies luxurious simplicity. For approximately nine months, Pranjal Shah navigated through an array of challenges. It ranged from conceptualization to precise on-site execution and meticulous material selection. The opulent use of materials such as metal, back painted glass with tinted mirror with cane defines luxurious interior design. It also includes marble, wood, PU, customized laminate, fabric, and particular detailing of the furniture. Textiles like velvet imparts both texture and warmth to the space. Meanwhile, elements reminiscent of royalty, such as arched paneling and vibrant hues blends seamlessly into the design.

wabi sabi interior

With a nod to traditional Indian aesthetics and a flair for contemporary sophistication, this home exudes an exceptional sense of grandeur and refinement. In the living room, a wabi-sabi-inspired sofa of orange rust shade graces the space with exquisite onyx. 

wabi sabi interior

Through the thoughtful placement of furniture, textiles, and decor, the space resonates with a classiness that speaks to the soul. Carefully integrated open storage units along the cozy puja area, symbolize a harmonious blend of functionality and spirituality.

wabi sabi interior

Incorporating an arch doorway into the design infuses the space with a sense of rustic elegance and understated beauty. Framed from natural materials, the arch doorway adds depth and warmth with earthy tones and minimalist decor. The doorway becomes a focal point that invites a sense of calm and harmony into the home. Thus, it represents the essence of wabi-sabi lux philosophy.

In line with the ancient principles of vastu shastra, mirrors apparently to attract prosperity and abundance. To harness this positive energy, the entrance area adorns in three mirrors of similar shape. Positioned strategically, the mirrors offer glimpses of various areas of the home, while dining, relaxing in the living area, or even while stepping out or putting on their shoes.

The dining table exudes elegance with its slim and sleek design. It features a luxurious marble top that is both stain-resistant and visually stunning. The dining area chairs embody the essence of wabi-sabi. It seamlessly combines metal rods with luxurious D’Decor fabric. The fabric is renowned for its stain-resistant and pet-friendly qualities. Crafted in an elegant oval shape and adorned in a calming beige hue, they exude a sense of harmony. Each chair symbolizes simplicity and grace. With their sleek profile and lavish upholstery, these chairs add a touch of sophistication to the dining area. It invites guests to experience comfort and refinement in every moment.

“I believe that Indian culture has a rich tradition of artisanal craftsmanship, which aligns well with the wabi-sabi appreciation for handmade furniture that adds a sense of authenticity and warmth to the space, while also highlighting the imperfections that make each piece one-of-a-kind.” describes Pranjal Shah.

wabi sabi interior

In the kitchen, a distinctive aesthetic emerged. It features a striking contrast between a pristine white countertop and military/deep green laminated cabinets. Consciously prepared with functionality in mind, the cabinets were intricately planned with the incorporation of a cane. Embracing the natural imperfections inherent in wood and cane craftsmanship became a celebration of their intrinsic beauty and distinctiveness.

In the master bedroom, a serene palette of luxurious teal blues and elegant beige envelopes the space. The bedroom exudes opulence with tailored textured wallpaper. The intricate PU details with artfully concealed beams, lending a contemporary elegance to the wardrobes.

wabi sabi interior

The rich turquoise blue hues complement the beige shades of the wardrobe, evoking a sense of grace and beautifying the side table with a marble top, chosen not only for its durability but also for its timeless beauty, adding a touch of luxury to the space.

wabi sabi interior

A focal point of the room was the inviting loveseat, prepared from lavish velvet fabric, where one can engage in conversations over chai or sit in silence merging aesthetics with comfort.

The central concept revolved around harmonizing shades from diverse color palettes, ensuring the play of form and colors.

wabi sabi interior

“As a designer, I am deeply committed to crafting furniture with my own hands, drawing inspiration from my surroundings. Rejecting the mass-produced offerings of factories and outlets, my passion lies in creating pieces ingrained with careful consideration and reverence for the environment. By personally engaging with materials and techniques, I strive to not only create functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture but also to forge a deeper connection with the natural world.” expresses designer Prajal Shah

In the daughter’s bedroom, a palette of sunshine yellow and tranquil grey brought forth an ambiance of warmth and serenity. The study table with a set of drawers and a standing unit was intricately crafted with wood, adding a yellow color as a touch of elegance to the space.

wabi sabi interior

American pleat curtains allow soft, diffused light to fill the room with a soothing glow.

The back wall of the bed featured three distinct shades consisting of yellow and grey, personalized with the daughter’s name in neon light with a star sign, and a modern wabi-sabi unit, embellished with fluted glass beside the bed representing simplicity and minimalism.

The wardrobe with fluted arch openings encouraged a clutter-free environment, fostering an atmosphere conducive to introspection and tranquility.

The son, driven by his enthusiasm for soccer, found his room transformed into his passion. Sketching his dreams, the bedroom with a white hue with brick wallpaper was reflected with custom-designed laminates adorned with doodles from the world of soccer.

The sofa cum bed was meticulously prepared with exquisite fabrics to enhance its appeal and beside stand the sleek storage in black color with fluted glass. A charming addition to the room was the red mushroom lamp and Ronaldo 7 number wall frame, standing proudly beside the cabinets, capturing attention with its vibrant hue and distinctive charm.

wabi sabi interior

In the heart of Mumbai’s chaos, this home defines tranquility, where every corner whispers tales of mindful living and every detail reflects the beauty of imperfection, echoing the essence of wabi-sabi. The wabi-sabi-inspired luxury home was carefully curated with an amalgamation of classical Roman elements to evoke a sense of beauty and infuse each space with its distinct character.  Each element is thoughtfully chosen to create spaces that resonate with serenity and soulfulness, urging residents to pause and savor the present moment.


Designed by: UP & UP Studio             

Project Type: Residential Interior

Project Name: Wabi Sabi Lux

Location: Juhu, Mumbai

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 8 Months

Project Size1140 Sq.Ft

Project Cost: 98 L.

Principal Designer: Pranjal Dhrumit Shah

Photograph CourtesyNoaidwin Studio

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes– Stucco Texture / Wallcovering / Cladding – Marshall Wallpaper / Lighting– Ace Lighting Laxmi Industrial Estate / Sanitaryware– Jaguar / Comlux / Furniture– Up & Up Studio / Flooring– Foremost Marble / Kitchen– Up & Up Studio / Platform from AGL Stones / Paint– Asian Paints / Artefacts– Ikea , HNM Home, Nicobar Home / Wallpaper – Marshalls / Hardware – Hettich

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