A modern living room that is in its radical prime | The Urban Ensemble

In this black and white modern living room with a leather sofa and a colorful glass coffee table, the design embraces a modern and chic aesthetic, balancing the classic contrast of black and white with pops of vibrant color.

A modern living room that is in its radical prime | The Urban Ensemble

The Labirinto [Labyrinth] coffee table. My clients and I fell in love with it the moment we saw it and then it was simply about choosing the surrounding elements that compliment the table yet elevate its distinct features. Designed by Claudio Bellini, the glass table is a variety of tones that creates an interplay of hues and geometric shapes. The table doubles up as a bookcase as well!

The walls are painted in a crisp white, providing a clean backdrop that enhances the overall sense of brightness and spaciousness. A black leather sofa exudes sophistication and contemporary style. It is spacious and comfortable, inviting relaxation.

A colorful glass coffee table takes center stage, adding a dynamic and playful element to the room. The glass top allows the vibrant colors of the table to shine through, creating a visually striking contrast against the monochromatic backdrop. The table features a mix of bold hues contributing to a lively atmosphere.

Accents throughout the room, such as, the artwork, hand-blown table lamp, and the decorative items, introduce additional splashes of color to complement the vibrant coffee table. These accents harmonize with the colors in the table, creating a cohesive and well-balanced design.

In this serene and sophisticated dining room, the walls are painted white creating a calm backdrop that allows other design elements to take center stage. The dining table serves as a focal point with a dynamic and creative base design. It features a unique structural shape, adding an artistic and modern touch to the room. The tabletop itself is glass, complementing the neutral theme while allowing the base to stand out as a statement piece.

The dining chairs are simple and elegant, upholstered in leather and featuring clean lines and subtle detailing. The focus remains on the table, with the chairs providing comfortable seating that doesn’t overpower the overall design.

On one of the walls, a metal plate wall décor arrangement adds an industrial and artistic touch. The metal plates are displayed organically, creating a focal point that complements the dynamic table base. To complete the look, subtle décor elements of tableware, with fresh ripe fruits add layers of sophistication to the dining room, making it a refined and inviting space.

The terrace is a harmonious blend of natural elements and cultural motifs, capturing the essence of the Africa. The seating arrangement features comfortable and earthy-toned Aztec cushions, reminiscent of the colors found in the African landscape. Wooden flooring adds an authentic touch to the terrace, while the chairs evoke the ambience of a safari camp creating an immersive environment that is bathed in a warm glow of a setting sun surrounded by the lush green foliage.

Africa is a home to multitude of ethnic groups, contributing to a rich tapestry of cultures, history and languages. The continent is known for its rich biodiversity, with diverse wildlife, including iconic species like elephants, lions, and giraffes. Echoing the natural habitat and the expansive wilderness, the terrace is adorned with artistic representations of Africa. Life-sized sculptures of giraffes, artistic renderings of the wilderness, and large foliage are strategically placed. Additionally, subtle patterns of the kilim rug and the cheetah printed throw contribute to cultural patterns prominently found across the region.

To complete the ambiance, the air around carries sounds of nature with subtle birdsong. The terrace becomes a sanctuary that not only celebrates Africa but also provides a tranquil space for relaxation and contemplation, where one can connect with nature in an immersive and culturally rich setting.

Fact File

Designed by:
The Urban Ensemble

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: The Modernist

Location: Mundhwa, Pune

Year Built: 2019

Duration of the project: 8 Months

Project Size: 3000 Sq.ft

Project Cost: 1.25 Crore

Principal Designer: Zahabia Taherbhoy

Photograph Courtesy: Phxindia

Products/Materials/Vendors: Finishes– The Urban Ensemble / Wallcovering / Cladding – The Urban Ensemble / Lighting– The Urban Ensemble / Furniture –Sofa and coffee table: Natuzzi Italia, Armchairs, Dining table, dining chairs: The Urban Ensemble / Artefacts– The Urban Ensemble & African artists
Wallpaper– The Urban Ensemble

Firm’s Website Link: The Urban Ensemble

Firm’s Instagram Link: The Urban Ensemble

Firm’s Facebook Link: The Urban Ensemble

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