This home in Hyderabad is immersed in pastel hues and breezy mood | Studio Tilt

The project itself came to us as a challenge. Integrating a space keeping function as the core, understanding the home owners and their schedule, habits and daily issues and then crafting it into an aesthetically pleasing abode showcasing pastel hues. While we had to cater to the various needs of the home owners, the space did not come to us as a blank canvas. Since we were on a tight budget and timeline, there was only so much we could break down/ alter. We got on board the project in April and handed over in June! It was a tight 3 months from start to finish, especially being an out-station project for us. It really helps when clients have great clarity regarding their requirements and choices. It really helps smoothen the process and avoids spending time on reworking. The design got approved in one sitting!

This home in Hyderabad is immersed in pastel hues and breezy mood | Studio Tilt

For us the show stopper would be the incorporation of the central plant installation in the huge central space that separates the living and dining sections, which we designed to form a sort of indoor courtyard, that is synonymous with traditional, older homes in southern India (the clients being from Hyderabad).

The home owners are from the tech field and work from home a lot. We thought of giving them as many spots to work remotely and ensured that on looking around, the view always spelt tranquillity. Plants have a way of bringing a sense of calm into a space like no other element.

The brief was to design for a light and easy, functional space for the home owners- a young couple with a young daughter and a cat. Their clarity made the design process that much easier. They were basically looking for a Mary Kondo to make everyday life easier.

It took a while to go through their brief, though it was exciting to take on in terms of a challenge. We really needed to understand them as people first, their routines, daily habits, current constraints, etc. before getting into designing and solutioning.

The project is named ‘Blue Lagom’. ‘Lagom’ literally means ‘just enough’. It is a Swedish concept that glorifies moderation and that ‘Virtue lies in the middle ground’. The space too seemed ideal and balanced in terms of space and layout. The lady of the house was crystal clear regarding her requirements, likes/ dislikes and issues faced on a daily basis.

Her clarity made the design process that much easier. Her first words were- ‘I don’t think this is going to be one of your other beautiful projects to showcase. I want a functional house, even if it’s at the cost of looking good’. We of course wanted to achieve both!

Since sustainability of the design was important to the home owners, there was a deliberate attempt to stay away from trends that would pass soon or were just the flavour of the season. However, the use of rattan, bamboo and cane weaving is quite trendy and is definitely here to stay! That along with pastel hues makes for a timeless design narrative, negating the effort required to maintain a home or having to discard or replace elements that are no longer in style.

Natural materials like Bamboo, jute, rattan & cane are extremely versatile and we’ve tried using them in interesting ways throughout the space- be it in furniture, lights, accent pieces, wall décor etc., and eventually, it just helped in binding the whole space together.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Tilt

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Blue Lagom

Location: Kokapet, Hyderabad

Year Built: July 2023

Duration of the project: 3 Months

Built-up Area: 1800 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Abhijit Sawant & Natasha Kumar

Design Credits: Karina Dang

Photograph Courtesy: Sanjay Borra

Interior Styling: Natasha Kumar

Products / Materials / Vendors: Lighting – Clay Mango, Orange Tree, Fabindia / Furniture – Mostly custom-made, accent pieces by Studio Objectry / Flooring – Loccally procured / Kitchen – Sleek Kitchens Paint – Asian Paints / Artefacts – Westside Home, Nestasia, Whispering Homes, House of Ekam, Dusaan, Jaypore / Wallpaper – LifenColors

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