Celebrating the Vadodara home as art rather than an art display was the brief given by the client. In this innovative perspective, every element of the living space becomes a canvas for artistic expression, blurring the lines between architecture and artistry. For the amateur art lover with a passion for warmth, Indian aesthetics and earthiness, the home design envisions as a vibrant and inviting sanctuary that reflects a harmonious blend of artistic expression and cultural richness.

Nestled within a quaint village near Vadodara, this charming home offers a delightful vista overlooking the serene waters of Timbi Lake. With an expansive area spanning 2200 square feet, this villa embodies rustic elegance amidst its rural surroundings.

Celebrating The Vadodara Home As Art Rather Than An Art Display | Robust Studio

Living room

The living room beckons with a captivating blend of artistic flair and inviting comfort. Against the backdrop of a singular wall transformed into a mesmerizing art piece, the room exudes an aura of creativity and sophistication. The lower section of the wall boasts a sleek veneer backdrop, carefully selected to accentuate the light-colored sofa, allowing it to effortlessly stand out as the focal point of relaxation and conversation.

Above, a symphony of irregular bohemian shapes dances across the expanse, each form meticulously curated to evoke a sense of whimsy and intrigue. The TV unit partition, inspired from the abacus, becomes a sophisticated focal point in the living space.


For the staircase, Jaisalmer stone has been used on the riser and tread in a unique and intellectual way. The staircase is on a raised platform with patterned Galicha tiles. The turmeric yellow color of the stone and pattern of tiles adds vibrancy and Indian touch to space.

Vadodara home

The sculpture near the wooden staircase exhibits itself as a family – father, mother and a baby and captures the essence of connection and love within them.

Foyer & Mandir

Crafting a foyer partition inspired by the shadow play of lighting from a perforated temple door brings a touch of ethereal elegance to the space. The perforated black colour partition showcases itself as a shadow of the light coming from the perforated door of the temple.

The temple space adorns with the rich heritage of Indian block printed fabric from Rajasthan, transforming the sacred atmosphere into a tapestry of colors and intricate patterns. The temple is made from teak wood and real Brass is used for legs and handles. The top is a combination of stone and wood. The double-heighted temple space bathes in abundant sunlight and creates a spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

Master Bedroom

The concept of bedroom design is the reflection of the client’s notion about life, and us caged in a concrete jungle. The client wanted the room to evoke a natural environment. To cater this, the room has a tropical theme, with Olive being the prominent color. The stucco wall and a wooden log is behind the bed with the shades of green. This wooden log with rhythmic waves carved on its surface symbolizes the dynamic journey of life through thick and thin. Lighting plays a pivotal role here acting as a brushstroke that highlights key features and creates a nuanced atmosphere. Every corner and edge gracefully curves, creating an atmosphere of fluidity and softness.

With these design elements, the bedroom visually captures the duality of being surrounded by the concrete jungle while still experiencing the serenity of a natural environment.

Guest Room

The guest room seamlessly captures the rich tapestry of Indian heritage while providing a serene and welcoming ambiance. The room offers a panoramic view of the lake.

At the heart of the room stands an exquisite Maharaja bed with leather bed back. The posters of the bed are extremely lightweight and represent abacus rods, which creates harmony in design. One of the walls bathes in a warm mustard hue, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors seen in traditional Indian textiles and palatial interiors which gives a sense of warmth and cultural richness. The large black mirror reflects the beauty of the room, creating an illusion of spaciousness and openness and amplifies the natural light and visually connects the interior with the stunning view outside. Graceful sheer curtains adorn the windows, allowing soft, diffused light to filter into the room. As the evening sun bathes the room in its golden glow, the space becomes a sanctuary of tranquility.

Vadodara home

Second Guest Room

The room features lime-washed gray walls, a warm gray hue that serves as the perfect backdrop for a space that exudes comfort and charm. This warm gray hue serves as a soothing canvas, adding a touch of sophistication to the room without compromising its light and cute aesthetic. The storage under bed maintains lightness in the room. The patterns on the TV unit echo the commitment to continuity in the design concept.

Vadodara home

Study/Storage/Hangout zone

This unique space inspires and captivates, offering a delightful atmosphere for various activities. The space adorns in patterned Galicha tiles for Indian touch. Nestled within this space is a cute study nook with playful and cute elements. The storage is done with circular patterns. The arch window offers a captivating view of the double-heighted temple area. The window is adorned with lush plantation, creating a seamless connection with nature and infusing the space with a refreshing and serene ambiance. A unique and eye-catching hanging light fixture, resonating with feathers, is suspended over the temple area. Beyond the temple area, large windows reveal a stunning view of the serene lake. The overall atmosphere of the space in this Vadodara home is lively and spirited, with pops of vibrant colors and comfortable lounge chairs.

Fact File

Designed by: Robust studio

Project Type: Interior Design, A Villa

Project Name: Ode of ART

Location: Timbi, Gujarat

Project Size: 2200 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Ar. Mrugini Pandya

Design Credits: Ar. Mrugini Pandya

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah Photography

Firm’s Instagram Link: Robust studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: Robust studio

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