The Design has a contemporary approach backed by a neutral material palette, bringing out the balance in the rhythm of the spaces, integrating the large garden space, that plugs into a L-shaped built-space. The residence site is a amalgamation of two 400 sq. yards plots, and thus composes to a almost square plot of 800 sq.ft approx., facing the NORTH direction. The clients are well-travelled, well versed, simple, grounded, understated and elegant couple.

Design Has A Contemporary Approach With A Neutral Material Palette | Inner Value Architects

The client brief was to design a modest family house, though unique and exemplary in style. A huge lawn was intended as a inherent part of the house. Keeping their requirement and brief in view, a design approach was conceived as combination of understated luxury, simplicity and diversity.

contemporary approach

The entry of the house is form exact NORTH, though a wide driveway, that leads to the drop-off parallel to the front lawn, at Entrance Porch.

contemporary approach

The main entrance facing East, gives a beautiful gist of the house and the front lawn at once and also gains enough depth to perceive the structure, as a whole. The Entrance foyer occupies the center stage in the house as it subtly connects the double ht. lobby that gives an overwhelming feel. This creates an effortless division of home into distinct formal, informal & private spaces.

contemporary approach

Ground Floor

The Ground Floor level, comprises of Formal Living & Dining Room on one side (along N-NW zone).

contemporary approach

The other side encompasses informal areas Family lounge & Bed Rooms (NE-SE zone), that flanks the lawn in the front.

contemporary approach

The Kitchen is placed besides the staircase in (SE & S) portion of the house.

contemporary approach

A suspended Metal screen against the staircase, is the main elementary feature of the house.

First Floor

The first level is planned as a private floor that holds studio room, private lounge, Bar area, Son’s bedroom and a guest bedroom with attached balconies and terraces, that overlocks the garden. The store room entry in the south is concealed with a sliding panel door finished in leatherette.

The large glazing has been introduced in the N-NW façade to optimize day light while the South & SE faces has been kept impenetrable, with tubular slit windows. A mini-court with skylight is also provided along the dining that adds calmness to the space.

Second Floor

The Second floor occupies the Gym/Recreational Area, against an open terrace. The Servant room is also provisioned, with separate access from the rear court.

A unique alliance of materials and textures exhibits a fluent relation of individuality in all interior elements. All interior of the private spaces has been fashioned in extensively well thought accented homogeneous neutral color, wood & metal.

Accents of wood reflected in ceiling and in conjunction with Metal Partition besides the staircase & dining, are the bespoke interior elements. Interiors are further enhanced by Beige-Grey Italian Marble flooring and the complementary stone wall.

The FAÇADE has a bold statement and leaves a dominating mark in the surroundings. The white tones, Natural wood Elements (Pine-wood) with black accents in the backdrop, highlights the Zinc sheet clads ( a hybrid material ) in a parabolic profile, and also sets the tone of complete residence character.

Fact File

Designed by: Inner Value Architects

Project Type: Residential Architecture & Interior Design

Project Name: The Gibbous House

Location: Kurukshetra, Haryana

Year Built: 2022

Built-up Area: 8500 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Randeep Singh

Photograph Courtesy: Nakul Jain

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