Exposed concrete skin encircling sound designs within | Sharan Architecture + Design

Amidst a densely packed urban environment where houses are inherently connected through adjacent side walls, this visionary design redefines its relationship with the surroundings through the rawness of exposed concrete.

Exposed concrete skin encircling sound designs within | Sharan Architecture + Design

Responding to the client’s aspirations for a residence that boasts a generous parking area, a grand entrance, and voluminous rooms, all suffused with abundant natural daylight, our design endeavors to surpass ideal expectations.

Capitalizing on the available plot, our approach commences with an expansive parking space and an in-house theatre dominating the ground floor.

Semi-open staircase intriguingly misaligned appeals to the visitors towards an arresting entrance that showcases a magnificent 20 feet high main door – a captivating sight visible even from the first-floor passage.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a deep commitment to minimizing the carbon footprint while embracing a minimalist and natural material palette.

The façade, a defining element of the residence, emerges as a stunning screen adorned with aluminium baffles outside the second and third-floor bedroom windows.

This thoughtful feature not only imparts a distinctive character to the structure but also ensures privacy by obstructing direct views from the neighbouring streets.

Notably, this arrangement does not compromise the ventilation and daylighting potential, which remains unhindered throughout the day.

The façade’s charm derives from the skillful use of exposed RCC which lends a raw yet sophisticated texture to the exterior. To complement this aesthetic, Kota stones were incorporated into the flooring, instilling the space with a sense of warmth and organic appeal.

While public areas adopt a refined and neutral colour palette, private spaces offer a delightful contrast with vibrant hues that enliven the interiors.

Bathrooms feature unique piccolo installations, each adorned with a distinct colour that is artfully carried forward into the bedrooms. This seamless integration of colours throughout the living spaces instills the home with an inviting and lively ambience.

This design narrative showcases an innovative approach to urban living by cherishing harmony between nature and architecture, crafting an environment where residents can relish a contemporary lifestyle.

Fact File

Designed by: Sharan Architecture + Design

Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

Project Name: Maa

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Year Built: 2022

Project Size: 7000 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Vipul Sukhadia & Kruti Sukhadia

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio (Instagram)

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio (Website)

Firm’s Instagram Link: Sharan Architecture + Design

Firm’s Facebook Link: Sharan Architecture + Design

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