Functional and Compact Home With a Subtle Contemporary Form | Walls n Voids Atelier

The project was all about creating a very minimal home with all the essential needs. We tried to design a very functional and compact home with a subtle contemporary form. The form is highlighted using natural stones mainly the Red Agra Stone.

Functional and Compact Home With a Subtle Contemporary Form | Walls n Voids Atelier


The Site was fairly a linear plot with an average width of thirteen meters. The main idea in planning was to create a plan which in less than nine meters in width. The site has an overall area of around 6300 Sq.Ft. We have given a large front yard and kept the house almost 14m to the inside from the Road. This gave lot of scope for landscaping and adding more trees.

Layout of the House

The Layout of the house is very casual and open. The formal living, Dining, family living and the kitchen are essentially a large continuous space. This helped in giving a spacious feeling to the interiors.

These spaces are again planned adjacent to an open courtyard which lets in ample sunlight and enhances the overall spaces. The House is completely planned based on Kerala Vasthu Principles as it was a main client requirement.

Double Height Spaces

Double Height spaces are used in the design to enhance the spaces in the home. Dining area is given as a double height space, and we have given a glass façade in the eastern side.

This glass façade is also covered with a custom designed grill to create an interesting pattern of shadow inside the dining area with the movement of the sun.

The family Living Area is also designed as a double height area. The Staircase is placed along the Family Living area and the space below the second flight is also incorporated to the family living

Use of Colours

We have mainly used two colours to highlight the interior and the exterior respectively. In the exterior we have used Red Agra stone to at a in a Rose Vale Colour and a black natural stone as a contrast to it.

In the interior we have used a Teal colour for the handrails, kitchen cabinets and a double height wall. Teal was one of the favourite colours of the client.


The Ground floor has 2 Bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is planned near to the courtyard and we have given a bay window which projects to the courtyard. The First-floor bedroom has a balcony and it open outside providing a personal outdoor space. All the bedrooms have attached bathrooms, wardrobe spaces.

The Form

The house has a very minimal box form. The Sitout roof is placed at 240cm level, the first-floor
level is at 340cm, the dining double height is at 580 cm and the roof slab is at 680cm.

Landscape Area

Front landscape has ample green area and we have also tried to minimize the pavement areas.
The pavement is a mix of grass pavers and the stones. A car porch is also planned in the front as
a future expansion.

compact home

Fact File

Designed byWalls n Voids Atelier

Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

Project Name: The RoseCasa

Location: : Valapad, Thrissur, Kerala

Year Built: November 2023

Project Size: 2000 Sq.ft

Project Cost: 60 Lakhs

Principal Architects: Kiran Cherakulam & Amal Sudharman

Team Design Credits: Atif, AtheeQ Sakkir Hussain, Gayatri Mohandas & Chaithanya E I

Client: Kalyani

Interior Execution: Decoroza

Firm’s Website Link: Walls n Voids Atelier

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