The project vision of this house renovation was a conceptual void, leading to a strategic insertion within the built environment to optimize visual connections with the surrounding landscape. This approach is particularly evident on the ground floor, where the social spaces seamlessly integrate with a meticulously curated patio, offering panoramic vistas of the natural surroundings.

The Project Vision Of This House Renovation Was A Conceptual Void | STRIa aRCHITECTS

project vision

Applying that strategy to the ground floor, which contains the house’s social area. It opens up to a patio that shows the visuals of the landscape.

project vision

Taking into account that this is an area in the process of constructive and use transformation, the basic premise was to design the building in relation to the pre-existing structures. However, it was also to allow it to dialogue in the future with new neighboring constructions.

project vision

Embracing the ongoing evolution of the area, the design ethos prioritized harmonious coexistence with pre-existing structures while envisioning adaptability to engage in dialogue with future neighboring developments.

project vision

This foresight validates as new adjacent constructions have materialized over time, affirming the inherent flexibility and contextual sensitivity of the architectural intervention.

Through a nuanced interplay of form, function, and contextual responsiveness, the renovated dwelling not only respects its architectural heritage but also embraces the dynamic evolution of its urban fabric, establishing a timeless dialogue between past, present, and future built environments.

project vision

Interior Renovation

The incorporation of a multitude of cats into the living space posed a unique challenge. Thus, it required a thoughtful architectural design to accommodate their needs while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the home. Interior renovations tailors to create designated spaces for the cats. Thus, it integrates features such as climbing structures, cozy nooks, and ample natural light to foster their well-being.

project vision

project vision

Externally, the landscape was redesigned to complement the interior changes, with features like cat-friendly gardens, pathways, and outdoor enclosures to provide enrichment and safe exploration opportunities for the feline residents.

The seamless integration of these cat-centric elements into both the interior and exterior of the renovated home required close collaboration between the clients and the architect, ensuring that every detail was meticulously planned and executed to meet the unique requirements of the feline inhabitants while still maintaining the overall design integrity of the space.

Despite the extensive renovations, the end result was so cohesive that, to outsiders, the home appeared as though it had been newly constructed, a testament to the careful consideration and dedication of the design team.

Fact File

Designed by: STRIa aRCHITECTS

Project Type: Restoration/Renovation

Project Name: Govind

Location: Kerala

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 1 Year

Built-up Area: 2000 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Ankita Indukumar & Ar. Sreekumar R

Photograph Courtesy: Shutterfoxx

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes: solid block construction / Wallcovering / Cladding: brick finish cladding / Construction Materials: solid block construction / Doors and Partitions: wood / Sanitary ware: Jaquar / Facade system : brick finish cladding, mud jalli, wooden panelling / Windows: wood with steel / Furniture: wood / Flooring: tile / Kitchen: ply with laminate finish / Paint: Asian

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