This two bedroom apartment reminds one of the rolling blue seas of the Mediterranean. The bright blue against the stark white pays homage to the classic, clean beauty of the seaside.

The interiors of this abode in Baner, Pune are gracious, quiet and elegant, reflecting the owners’ style and vision for the space. The open design invites in the abundant sunlight and makes the bright hues pop to life during the day. At night, the strategic lighting achieved using lampshades and spotlights highlights those same elements in a more subdued tone.

This Two Bedroom Apartment Reminds One Of The Rolling Blue Seas | Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

The honey-coloured wood used throughout the house provides the perfect amount of warmth to the interiors. The sparse furniture blends in with its surroundings making the space feel more spacious and the natural light streaming in through the windows engulfs anyone walking through the door in a gentle embrace.

two bedroom apartment

Another interesting detail is this wooden shelf hanging in the living room corner. The sleek black supporting bars give it a swing-like character, perfectly in sync with the overall look of the house.

two bedroom apartment

The most subtle details can often be overlooked when those details are at the core of the home’s personality and charm. 

two bedroom apartment

One of those details is the white brick texture on the entrance wall, perched atop a thin classical moulding. The imprinted lines on the wall once again remind us of the earthy, white architecture along Mykonos’ shores.

The home’s heart and soul is the living area and the semi-open kitchen. The wooden rafters on the ceiling add a rustic touch to the space, while the dainty furniture balances the airiness of the room. The wooden breakfast counter stands bold as the only partition between the common area and the kitchen, maintaining a sense of privacy for the homeowners.

two bedroom apartment

The design theme is seamlessly followed into the kitchen; from the white countertop and cabinets, up to the open wooden shelves. The straight black lines on the cabinet wall come together to form a groovy pattern, adding a little playfulness to the cooking area. The natural light from the windows seems to bounce off the shiny white surfaces and fill the room with warmth. The artificial lighting in the kitchen adds a spotlight effect to the spatial elements. These teardrop-shaped pendant lights are a classic example of minimalism and elegance.

two bedroom apartment

The master bedroom’s design has a serene and solemn vocabulary, interspersed with colourful elements such as the blue rafters, floral wallpaper and French wardrobe shutters.

two bedroom apartment

The opaque glass on the wardrobe works with the broad frame to lend a certain masculinity to the otherwise soft interiors. The study adjacent to the bay window is a light-filled and joyful corner of the room.

two bedroom apartment

As a last nod to the Mediterranean theme, the master bedroom has bright blue rafters on its ceiling and streaming down on the wall is a canopy of blue wisteria wallpaper, engulfing the bed frame delicately and binding together the room’s features.

The wide steps leading up to the platform above provide a resonant warmth against the white floors and ceiling. The cosy study area, alongside the tranquil mandir, forms an ideal corner for some solitude and focus.

two bedroom apartment

The traditional bells hanging on the mandir door frame add just a touch of symbolic beauty to the modern house.

Fact File

Designed by: Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Project Type: Apartment Interior Design

Location: Baner, Pune, Maharashtra

Year Built: September 2023

Duration of project: 4 Months

Project Size: 800 Sq.ft

Project Cost: 14 Lakhs

Principal Architects: Anurag Karnik & Kunal Sangle

Team Design Credits: Ruchi Raghuwanshi & Ankita Singh

Story Telling Courtesy: Ankita Singh

Photograph Courtesy: 0nil Shah

Firm’s Instagram Link: Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Firm’s Facebook Link: Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

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