This multi-specialty hospital in Ahmedabad tends its patients in the joy of colors | DN Design Studio

A good interior always speaks for its users! A perfect example of such a contemporary setup is the recently completed multi-specialty hospital by DN Design Studio. It not only speaks for its users but also succeeds in delivering a simplistic, breathable space with no hint of overdoing. This hospital design breaks the stereotypes of medical spaces by providing a chic look and welcoming vibe.

The project came with the challenge of accommodating all the services and facilities in this 2680 sq. ft. space. The hospital is spread across three levels, two of which were renovated by the studio, while the third was built from the ground up to design and execution. A well-designed infirmary is essential for the well-being of the patients and healthcare providers that occupy the facility every day and thus, the goal was to priorities comfortable and effective movement while optimizing the patient experience through built environment design.

This multi-specialty hospital in Ahmedabad tends its patients in the joy of colors | DN Design Studio

Application of a soothing colour palette was the centre of consideration for this hospital’s interior design after a thorough comprehensive study into chromotherapy and artificial illumination was conducted; to deliver a healing environment. Due to its calming qualities, blue was frequently used to create a tranquil atmosphere; pairing it with warm neutrals and gentle green tones. For convenient usage, the existing ground was levelled with kota stone and overlaid with vinyl flooring while security measures were achieved with camera systems and fire safety equipment. Design and functionality came first while designing furniture, keeping mobility in mind for simple navigation and flexibility to meet a range of patient demands. At the same time, ergonomically fit pieces were selected within the healthcare environment to enhance comfort, support and hygiene.

The hospital’s entrance area houses common spaces that focus on a theme that interests calmness & optimism through a blend of contemporary furniture design supported with natural elements like wood and beige wall finishes, creating a warm focal point. A thorough analysis of the various therapeutic effects of colours was conducted to utilise the soothing touch of primary tints in the space. The flooring was designed to ease wayfinding and navigation with a selection of blue vinyl shades to evoke a sense of serenity throughout the corridor further extending into the furniture pieces to maintain a cohesive atmosphere.

Well-chosen plants were placed in each corner of the space to add a further dimension of life, while an abstract staircase design with primary colours and personalized door handles served as visual art. Careful consideration was given to both artificial and natural lighting options in order to improve visibility while establishing an intimate yet commercial upper atmosphere.

The lounge area opening into the reception was a private space designed for the doctors complete with luxury. The primary attraction of this space was the warmly lit arched ceiling, counterbalanced by the dark suede furnishings along with an entertainment unit and a strategically concealed storage space behind the geometric wall panelling.

The deluxe patient rooms are located along the hallways featuring ivory vinyl flooring and wall panelling of embossed wood that adds subtle visual interest and warmth, while the general colour palette is a calming blue with white fluting paired with grey couches for a modern yet comforting look.

To create a healing environment, a neutral brightness was maintained through optimal use of adjustable and functional lighting that allows for customization based on individual preferences and needs, enhanced by the inclusion of automated music systems, and personalized artwork showcasing motivational writings and plants. Priority was paid to choosing furnishings and toiletries that were ergonomic and easily cleaned to comply with healthcare regulations.

The one-and-only 365 sq. ft suite room combines cutting-edge technology with a cosy, restorative atmosphere. The fundamental layout of the room comprised a waiting area with a television opposite to the patient bed, which can be transformed into a private area with motorized curtains, and a family rest area that may be utilized for either purpose. An organic design delivered through wooden elements merged with a dominant green colour scheme adds warmness and an impression of the outdoors, both of which are conducive to healing.

Every piece of furniture and light fixture is automated and connected to visible technology, which is managed by devices and tech panels. The room contains Gujarat’s first patient bed, which monitors the patient’s motion and notifies the medical staff when their heart rate drops. The overall design accentuates modern luxury and comfort supported by flexible and comfortable furniture arrangements.

The hospital’s later section places the sanitization unit that leads to the operating room, which was designed with expert medical inspection where patient and medical staff’s comfort and accessibility were positioned at the centre followed by infection control and maintenance systems. The design theory was kept clutter-free accumulating storage and ventilation systems.

In a nutshell, this contemporary hospital interior design satisfies every need that multispecialty hospital functions upon while retaining every customer demand by embracing a high-tech yet minimalist design aesthetic, through neutral colour schemes with discreet accent colour pops to create an elegant and healing atmosphere, as well as a modular and adaptable layout that can accommodate open spaces that foster plenty of natural light.

The fixtures and furniture have a modern, practical style that emphasises ergonomics for both staff and patients ensuring that the waiting areas and communal spaces are equipped with connectivity solutions that meet the tech-savvy requirements of the client. communication systems, electronic health records and patient monitoring devices to streamline processes and improve healthcare delivery are the state-of-the-art in this hospital.

Fact File :

Designed by: DN Design Studio

Project Type: Commercial Interior Design

Project Name: An Infirmary of Azures

Location: Shailya Hospital, Ahmedabad

Project Size: 2680 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Dhruvi Bagrecha

Team Design Credits: Sakina Sabuwala & Srishti Asati

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: DN Design Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: DN Design Studio

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